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[kele]2021-08-03 21:51:16
913 days, I broke the curse of renal failure and was reborn. Although it was difficult to save myself, how lucky I was compared with waiting to die in the hospital 913 days, a memorable day, because I had moxibustion for a while in the morning, went out in the afternoon and got home at 4:30. I was in a hurry to urinate as soon as I entered the door. I urinated too much and was very smooth. For many years, I couldn`t>>>>word number939
[kele]2023-08-04 10:42:29
My daughter finally vomited heavily after 1600 days of moxibustion My daughter went out to play the day before yesterday, riding a roller coaster, a pendulum, a pirate boat, and so on. She was not afraid or uncomfortable playing with these things. I felt uncomfortable all day yesterday, couldn`t eat, nauseous, and didn`t>>>>word number511
[kele]2022-12-24 13:32:39
After the moxibustion friends have a fever, the effect of moxibustion is better, with a lot of blisters This time, our friends in COVID-19 also had three consecutive fevers. Fever is not terrible. Fever is the process of fighting between healthy and evil body qi. Everyone`s physique is different, and the way of reducing fever is also different. We must comb>>>>word number384
[kele]2022-12-22 08:26:30
After 1419 days of Vaporizing Moxibustion, my fever treatment experience and body pain Thank you for your care. I got up for moxibustion. It was too painful today. I couldn`t stand the pain all over. I couldn`t lie down. I couldn`t stop the pain after taking two painkillers. Then I took a piece of white and black medicine to relieve the pai>>>>word number929
[kele]2022-12-17 16:47:44
My daughter changes after 1300 days of Vaporizing Moxibustion My daughter takes photos of herself, without beauty.? Before, her eyebrows were almost connected in the middle, and there were many miscellaneous hairs. Now her eyebrows are clear. The bridge of the nose used to have very heavy veins, but now we can hardl>>>>word number593
[kele]2020-08-28 19:00:25
Vaporization moxibustion different constitution drainage bubble picture sharing Different constitution, moxibustion drainage bubble is not the same. Many female comrades are particularly prone to blisters after moxibustion. However, blistering is only to remove the moisture in the skin and is also the first step to remove blood stasi>>>>word number78
[kele]2022-11-10 08:34:55
My daughter has gone through discharge after 1340 days of Vaporizing Moxibustion My daughter has had a serious discharge of illness these days. She has no appetite for food, can`t sleep well, has dizziness, headache, stuffy nose, has a hot nose, and has lumbago. In short, all kinds of discomfort. (When she was sad, she said that it wa>>>>word number449
[kele]2022-06-05 20:39:13
After 1218 days of vaporization moxibustion, insomnia began in 2010, and kidney failure occurred in 2016, and then heart and kidney failure Physical condition before moxibustion in 2019: heart and kidney failure, unable to eat, sleep, dyspnea, breathlessness after a few words, bone pain, dizziness, unable to lie down, unable to watch mobile TV, severe tinnitus in the right ear, hair falling o>>>>word number779
[kele]2020-06-24 15:20:41
My moxibustion diary day 331, all kinds of symptoms before my moxibustion Now I`d like to tell you about my previous physical condition. I had severe heart failure. It`s just that you can`t be angry. When you talk, you feel out of breath. When I inhale, I have to take a deep breath. I feel a little bit breathed, so basically I >>>>word number1107
[kele]2020-06-19 11:31:13
Experience of crying twice after moxibustion On the 400th day of moxibustion, I cried again, but this time was not that long. Moxibustion helps to get rid of the cold in my body and make my body warm. It`s just like sunlight shining in. My temperament is naturally happy and joyful! It`s better than >>>>word number455