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[Let nature take its course]2023-03-14 20:57:21
Six years of insomnia, unable to eat and sleep, two years of Vaporizing Moxibustion, second sharing Moxibustion friends have a good evening. I followed the mentor`s moxibustion unconsciously for nearly two years. Last year, I was unable to eat, sleep, and pull for about eight months. Sometimes I felt that I had no bowel movement for more than ten days, >>>>word number276
[Mr high]2022-01-06 15:40:02
Impotence, premature ejaculation, slippery semen, dreamy emission, grumpy temper, frequent urination, slippery prostatic fluid at the sight of color, white and turbid urine, changes of gasification moxibustion in the past six months When I was young, I was not sensible. I had the bad habits of masturbation, staying up late, drinking cold drinks and smoking. In particular, masturbation was the most harmful. Slowly, it appeared that I was easy to be nervous, my heart beat fast, I was a>>>>word number938
[lilixin]2023-03-11 10:29:45
Phlegm nuclei have been coughing up for a long time, causing knots and lumps. It`s too scary, and I coughed up a lot this morning Good morning, moxibustion friends! Today, I want to share with everyone that the phlegm I coughed up this morning has changed. I have been following my mentor`s moxibustion for almost two years. After moxibustion, I have had many reactions, with the bigge>>>>word number476
[Hmoxibustion started on June 25]2021-08-12 17:07:31
After 49 days of moxibustion for confinement disease, kidney disease, urinary blood and urinary protein, they regained their confidence in life I have been moxibusting with Mr. coke for 49 days. Now let`s talk about my feelings. I have a lot of problems. Confinement disease + kidney disease! These problems can be called world problems in hospitals. They can only be controlled, not cured. At the b>>>>word number763
[Aikang]2023-02-15 10:24:33
Insomnia, rheumatoid arthritis, deformed fingers, stiff limbs, pain in the joints of the whole body, Sjogren`s syndrome, and Vaporizing Moxibustion for 700 days At the age of 58, I suffer from choroidal melanoma in my right eye. I underwent adhesive radiation therapy surgery in January 2019 and have been taking Chinese medicine for recovery ever since. I also had a thyroid cyst surgery over 20 years ago and curre>>>>word number581
[Happy Harbor 8.16]2023-02-05 12:22:44
Insomnia for more than ten years, dreamy urination frequently occurs in traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine all over the country, and countless health care products have been eaten, and ghosts and gods have been invited. Moxibustion is my on I started moxibustion with my mentor on August 16, 2021. Before that, I suffered from severe insomnia and other minor problems. It is very collapse and helpless. Moxibustion has been almost a year and a half without major discharge disease for the time be>>>>word number216
[Xiao Meiying]2022-12-23 16:12:52
The second sharing, 622 days of Vaporizing Moxibustion, fever treatment process After more than 600 days of moxibustion with my mentor, I also became positive this time, and finally got a fever. At the beginning, it was 37 degrees 7, and then it was 38 degrees 4. This made me surprised and pleased. I was glad that I had not had a fev>>>>word number548
[Fengrun]2023-02-05 12:19:30
51-year-old, suffering from insomnia for more than ten years, sweating with climacteric syndrome, easy to catch a cold, having acne on his face, hair falling out in a large number, frequent eczema, shoulder and neck pain, low back pain, leg pain, loose st Today, I have been moxibustion for 666 days. It is a memorable day. I have been expelling cold all the year. My right arm is expelling cold. I feel cold in the summer. I can`t remember when I will not expel cold any more. The periarthritis of shoulder is >>>>word number195
[Nourishing the mind and calming the nerves]2023-01-02 15:01:10
506 days of Vaporizing Moxibustion, shared for the third time, with fever, bone pain and suspicion of life On December 27, 2022, there was another discharge. It was nearly 300 days since the last one. It was also a period of virus infection. The patient had a low fever and severe soreness in both legs. Moxibustion under the guidance of the mentor produced a lo>>>>word number300
[The best kindness is like water]2023-02-01 09:01:55
Anxiety, sleep phobia, steam moxibustion, eating, drinking, and sleeping gradually improve I`m 41 years old this year. I can`t sleep and have difficulty falling asleep for more than two months. There are also Chinese patent medicines, which are used to replenish qi and blood. Taking Chinese medicine has no effect, and then the western medicine >>>>word number983