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[kele]2022-12-24 13:32:39
After the moxibustion friends have a fever, the effect of moxibustion is better, with a lot of blisters This time, our friends in COVID-19 also had three consecutive fevers. Fever is not terrible. Fever is the process of fighting between healthy and evil body qi. Everyone`s physique is different, and the way of reducing fever is also different. We must comb>>>>word number384
[Niu]2022-12-24 08:37:41
I have a cold prone constitution. This is the first time in history that my symptoms are the lightest. I recovered without taking any medicine I have had two shots of vaccine, and our child has had one shot. Facts have proved that vaccines are IQ tax. The temperature in Ningbo is relatively low these days. The child started to have a fever in online school. When the child got well, her mother>>>>word number581
[kele]2022-12-22 08:26:30
After 1419 days of Vaporizing Moxibustion, my fever treatment experience and body pain Thank you for your care. I got up for moxibustion. It was too painful today. I couldn`t stand the pain all over. I couldn`t lie down. I couldn`t stop the pain after taking two painkillers. Then I took a piece of white and black medicine to relieve the pai>>>>word number929
[Meixi Mom]2022-12-20 08:50:25
Experience of curing fever without taking medicine Friends, I am also positive. I haven`t had a fever for more than ten years, but I also had a high fever yesterday. 38.9, headache. I only drank a little rice porridge one day, mainly because my whole body is very sore. It really hurts. Let me find the fee>>>>word number157
[Hmoxibustion started on June 25]2022-12-20 08:51:48
This COVID-19 has exploded. I`m not panicking at all. My healing experience This time, COVID-19 broke out in an all-round way, and I was accidentally hit. Let me share my experience. This time, my symptoms were particularly mild. Thanks to the guidance of Mr. Kele, I felt my throat was very dry and painful on the first day. I did>>>>word number314
[Enlightenment method]2022-12-18 09:37:52
650 days of Vaporizing Moxibustion, sharing for the third time, hypothermia, the first time in 30 years with energy fever, fever relief experience Dear friends, good morning, dear mentor! Let me talk about the process of my cold. At noon on the 14th, I felt cold. I felt numb from head to foot. Then I had a sore throat. My waist to buttocks were painful. I coughed and tasted bad. The food was bitter.>>>>word number285
[good luck and happiness to you]2022-12-18 10:33:16
The tenth sharing, 870 days of Vaporizing Moxibustion, and three days of recovery of little yang people, making the body step up again Good evening, moxibustion friends! I, a little yang person, recovered from moxibustion for three days, and we firmly believe in Mr. Kele. Let me tell you something. I woke up the morning of December 15 the day before yesterday and found that I was afraid >>>>word number452
[kele]2022-12-17 16:47:44
My daughter changes after 1300 days of Vaporizing Moxibustion My daughter takes photos of herself, without beauty.? Before, her eyebrows were almost connected in the middle, and there were many miscellaneous hairs. Now her eyebrows are clear. The bridge of the nose used to have very heavy veins, but now we can hardl>>>>word number593
[Careless 41386]2022-12-22 08:26:50
Two colds can be easily cured. Before moxibustion, each cold is painful All the children around me had mild symptoms, and soon became lively. Every time I catch a cold before moxibustion, I feel terrible! Pain, cough to doubt life! There are psychological shadows. A year later, moxibustion ushered in two big exams in successi>>>>word number455
[kele]2020-08-28 19:00:25
Vaporization moxibustion different constitution drainage bubble picture sharing Different constitution, moxibustion drainage bubble is not the same. Many female comrades are particularly prone to blisters after moxibustion. However, blistering is only to remove the moisture in the skin and is also the first step to remove blood stasi>>>>word number78