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[lilixin]2022-06-10 08:51:04
For the second time, I had severe insomnia for more than ten years, and vaporized moxibustion for 359 days Let`s share the body changes of vaporization moxibustion in the past year! It`s obviously improved. It`s much easier to walk. In the past, when walking, the chest felt stuffy and sinking. Now, although sometimes it is stuffy, the sinking feeling disappear>>>>word number245
[A little happy. Sweet]2022-05-31 21:17:50
For the third time in 452 days, otolith, cervical vertebra hyperplasia, mammary gland hyperplasia, gynecological problems, heart problems, cholecystitis, even better than before I got sick Look at my moxibustion environment. How happy you are at home. I am sitting on a big rock and really want to go home. Teacher, I have no choice. The logistics park doesn`t allow fire. I have to find a place by myself. I don`t just follow the car. I have t>>>>word number451
[Let dreams fly]2022-05-22 16:00:26
I`ve been suffering from insomnia for the fourth time this year. I`m 59 years old. I`ve been suffering from insomnia for the first time Share: I`m 59 years old. I`ve been moxibusting for more than a year and haven`t had too much disease elimination reaction, but now my stomach is much better. I can eat basically everything. Baokuai is sour, sweet and spicy. In the past, I couldn`t eat any>>>>word number188
[Xiaohong]2020-06-19 19:25:08
Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion 100 days to share, look good. The biggest harvest is my psychological tension. I have been nervous for 16-7 years since I was in my twenties. In recent days, there are so many things that I can`t deal with them. I`m not flustered. I used to comfort myself>>>>word number340
[kele]2020-06-19 11:31:13
Experience of crying twice after moxibustion On the 400th day of moxibustion, I cried again, but this time was not that long. Moxibustion helps to get rid of the cold in my body and make my body warm. It`s just like sunlight shining in. My temperament is naturally happy and joyful! It`s better than >>>>word number455
[Careless 41386]2022-05-16 13:40:29
Vaporization moxibustion can save serious and incurable diseases. Why can`t it be popularized Looking at everyone`s chat, I deeply feel that only vaporization moxibustion can completely cure serious and incurable diseases. Others are hehe. Reasons why it is not easy to popularize: first, the modern society is a fast-food society. People are impetu>>>>word number616
[Summer Solstice]2022-05-14 11:05:18
For the third time, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, lumbar process, insomnia, anxiety, fear of wind, etc. on the 240th day of moxibustion, I experienced a large row of diseases On that morning, I woke up at more than 6 o`clock and was ready to get up and cook. The whole body was spinning in a moment. My eyes were black and fell on the bed. Then I could only lie on the bed. I couldn`t move my head or move. This time, the treatmen>>>>word number502
[kele]2020-08-18 22:14:05
Share of expelling diseases on 564th day of vaporization moxibustion These days have no appetite, just want to drink hot water, powerless, low mood. At night moxibustion and vomit a lot of sticky out, spit out, feel a lot of relaxed stomach, mood also suddenly bright. Since I picked up the moxa stick on February 1, 2019, m>>>>word number188
[kele]2020-08-23 16:36:17
On the 551st day of vaporization moxibustion, the body changes Children grow up and change quickly. My daughter started moxibustion on February 18, 2019. During this period, the child has experienced too many sickness elimination reactions, with a fever of 6 times. One of them had a high fever for a week before fever>>>>word number199
[kele]2020-09-10 11:44:57
On the 586th day of vaporization moxibustion, the skin cracked Skin cracking, in fact, it`s very painful, apply some moisturizer, continue. Last year, the skin was more serious, cracking and bleeding. There was blood on clothes and bed sheets. I felt scald ointment and moxibustion. It was too painful to bite my teeth>>>>word number152