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What is Vaporizing Moxibustion, please read FAQ

Vaporizing Moxibustion derives from traditional chinese medicine. It is based on the trapped waste theory and disease model.
My daughter start treating rhinitis when she was two years old. After treated by all kinds of therapies, her health is becoming worse and worse. She got fever more and more frequently. On Feb.1st,2019, my daughter is 9 years old and just weighed 20 kg. She was having high fever of one week without sleeping, eating, drinking, urinating and bowel movement. And she cannot take any medicine anymore. Her mum was so desperate and want to suicide with our child. She said, "Mum, I dont want to die." We thought to try moxibustion. But we were not sure if it will work or not. My daughter was afraid and refused to try. Her mother tied her hands and feet to force her to do moxibustion. She cried and said feeling hot. The temperature was even higher. After a night moxibustion, the fever was gone. She said "Mum, I am hungry." I knew that her life was saved. Since that day, she never stopped moxibustion even a day for more that 3 years. She never go to hospital again. I finally find the disease root cause is trapped waste,which are from all things we have eaten. And it can never be solved by eating medicine. On the contrary eating more will cause more waste. I finally invented Vaporizing Moxibustion therapy, which cured my family and myself. We also cured a lot of mistreated patients.
No matter mental disease, psychological disease, cancer, or any strange rare disease, the root cause is same. After starting moxibustion,although going through expelling waste effects and suffer some side effects, all patients finally will get better and better.
Vaporizing Moxibustion has low risk itself. during the treatment some symptoms may become more serious. Some new symptoms may appear. The potential body risk may be danger to cause unpredicted death,such as heart attack or organ mass bleeding. Although the death risk is very low. If patient can survive the treatment, all the symptoms can be sure cured. Patient should consider all these difficulties.
Everybody can do Vaporizing moxibustion at home by yourself with the 1v1 guide on this platform. You need feedback everyday on the platform to adjust the therapy.
The trapped waste is accumulated in our body for years. The time to cure depends on the body waste level. Everybody has many symptoms. Some symptoms may take hours to recover. Some symptoms may take months. Most symptoms may need several years. During the treatment the symptoms will be changed in curve path before cured.
You can observe your tongue. For a waste trapped body your tongue will be big, tooth print, thick greasy tongue coating. The tongue like being immersed in dirty water. So is the same with your organs, which will cause the organ functions abnormal. Also you will find that your nail vertical lines. Your skin is dark dirty. Your hair is dirty and scurf. Every part of your body can find the sign of the trapped waste. The human body is a organic system. All kinds of diseases and symptoms is not independent. They have the same root cause.
For a person without the trapped waste, he will have a beautiful tongue, beautiful skin, and with no any symptoms. He will have a good eating,good drinking, good pooping, good peeing, good sleeping. All good like a baby.When you have in such a status it means you have no trapped waste. Recover is not just about a symptoms.
If you ask this question, first ask yourself, what is the price of your life? This little money can save your life. You just need pay guide fee and moxa fee. No other fees needed. There are thousands of therapies in the world but no one can cure. Vaporizing Moxibustion is much lower than the cost in hospital,and can cure to a complete healthy status all the life.
We guarantee that each case is shared by the patient himself. You can join the platform to chat with the patient.You can read their treating stories and cure process.
Many people think their diseases are different with others. Actually everybody has different symptoms but the root cause is same, no exceptions. The most difficult thing is not the diseases but your insist and trust. Only those who insist and trust can finally be cured. We only accept the patients who 1)bravely confront the difficulties and will insist the therapy 2) No matter what happened, the patient and his family will insist and trust and will not be affected by others 3) is desperate to other therapies. For patient younger than 7, it is difficult to communicate. For patient older than 70, the trapped waste is too much. The treating process will be more suffering. Only those whose all family members agree to try for the last hope and can accept the possible death may be worth a try.
I and my family had suffered much mistreatment until no hope to try any more medicine. We risk our family lives to try in the darkness for years and tried so many therapies until we invent this theory and therapy.When we are desperate we are volunteer to donate all our wealth to anyone who can cure my family. If you read all the patients cases and still think we are frauder we cannot help you. Please go to find other therapy. If you cannot take the risk of the small amount of money you will never undergo the suffering treatment process.
We only charge the guide fee. Video diagnosis is free if you agree the video will be published to the podcasting platform.
If after diagnosis and before guide started, patient can apply 100% refund. We will not continue the treatment. If patient follow the guide, there should be effect. Some people feel better. Some people feel more suffer. No matter what effect, it help to clean the trapped waste. refund will be deducted by months and one month fee. not the average one month price. if the days when not yet reach a month, it will be calculate as a month.

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Vaporizing moxibustion subvert existed theories. We can solve the difficult disease that Tranditional Chinese medicine and biomedicine cannot solve. Vaporizing moxibustion is our unique theory and therapy. We cured a lot patients that are not solved after a long time treatment. read [Patient Cases]


We guarantee that the patient cases are share by the patient himself. But we cannot guarantee that we can cure every patient. Anybody can die of any accidental reason. The patient shall take all responsibility by himself. Vaporizing moxibustion treatment need long time and is very hard. It shall not be imitated.