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[Dust settles (silent observation)]2022-09-06 11:59:54
I have been in poor health since I was a child, and I have various diseases. Moxibustion has been used for more than 400 days, and the body has reached a new level I feel sleepy for a long time, my head is stuffy, and my stool is not smooth. In the past two years, I feel that I have little urine, don`t like drinking water, have no strength, tend to be angry, eat a lot and eat fast. In the past two years, I feel unco>>>>word number4671
[cxj]2022-09-18 15:45:45
Vaporizing Moxibustion for more than 400 days, shared for the second time, insomnia, chest distress, anxiety, depression, thyroid nodules, lobular hyperplasia, uterine leiomyoma, low back pain, loose stool, menopause This morning, I found that half of the small grains of rice like white Cici on my teeth were missing, which is the result of Vaporizing Moxibustion. 2. I used to be very good at peeling off scraps on my hands. I tried hard to argue with my hands and made >>>>word number1054
[Hmoxibustion started on June 25]2022-07-24 11:04:48
For the third time, I shared the experience of 395 days of vaporization moxibustion, from a disabled person to a normal life It has been a whole year since I followed Mr. coke to treat my illness with moxibustion. After a year, I almost forgot that I was a sick person, because with the passage of time, many small problems in my body are imperceptibly getting better. I used to b>>>>word number505
[lilixin]2022-07-26 10:25:38
After 404 days of vaporization moxibustion, for the third time, I mainly share three aspects: the first is sleep problems, the second is throat blockage, and the third is purple pain around the tongue There are three main aspects of moxibustion with my teacher. The first is sleep problems, the second is throat blockage, and the third is purple around the tongue without tongue coating. Eating pain, fourth tinnitus. Although sleep is still unstable, it h>>>>word number341
[Liu An`s wife is here]2022-07-01 20:02:41
Insomnia, fear of cold, constipation, hemorrhoids, vaporization moxibustion for 453 days, the second time to share Hello, moxibustion friends! I also had my first discharge on June 25, with headache, cough, runny nose, lower body bone pain, heavy legs and poor appetite. I cough up every day, wake up with yellow and green sputum, and feel sick when I think of it. I`ve >>>>word number727
[Lili 1234]2022-07-05 06:52:00
Vaporization moxibustion for 332 days, the first time to share, insomnia, physical recovery In the second month of moxibustion, my annoying hot and sweating were particularly serious. I stopped moxibustion for a month. My gums got inflammation, my scalp felt cold, and my legs too. A doctor mistreat me to cause my insomnia. I couldn`t eat, nausea>>>>word number1327
[The sky is blue]2022-07-02 16:42:26
The second time to share, vaporization moxibustion for 346 days, not afraid of air conditioning My colleagues all said that I didn`t wear thick clothes like before when I was meeting in the unit conference room this summer, so I obviously felt afraid of the cold. I used to have a meeting in the conference room with the air conditioner on, so I felt >>>>word number514
[good luck and happiness to you]2022-06-30 21:15:24
The ninth sharing, vaporization moxibustion for 700 days Good morning, moxibustion friends! On June 25, I had another toothache. First, there was a pain on the right side, and then moxibustion was carried out according to the teacher`s instructions. The next day, the right side was good, and then the left side >>>>word number590
[gx]2022-06-30 17:42:57
Share for the eighth time and eliminate diseases again Since February, I haven`t been able to arrange my illness very much. I feel uncomfortable every day. My stomach is blocked up. The more I moxibustion, the more I feel that I need moxibustion. The body is damaged by the side effects of traditional Chinese >>>>word number296
[lilixin]2022-01-15 18:15:20
Severe insomnia for more than ten years. The changes after 234 days of vaporization moxibustion are shared with you I am 62 years old and have insomnia for more than ten years. Today I want to share with you the changes after 234 days of moxibustion. Can help people in need. Although the process of moxibustion is difficult. But it`s nothing compared to the pain of inso>>>>word number603