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[Green o]2022-10-26 07:01:45
Insomnia,myasthenia gravis,Hepatitis BHBeAg, hysteromyoma, gallbladder polyp, and a nodule on the spleen. It turns out that Vaporizing Moxibustion can make life hopeful - I feel Vaporizing Moxibustion in the past 500 days Insomnia,myasthenia gravis,Hepatitis BHBeAg, hysteromyoma, gallbladder polyp, and a nodule on the spleen. Vaporizing Moxibustion 500 days make life hopeful Insomnia for 4 to 5 years an so many other diseases make my life desperate. I joined tranyoHealt>>>>word number2973
[Lin 0926]2022-10-24 12:23:24
It has been 570 days since moxibustion, and I have coughed and vomited for 8 months. My hair is black, my skin is white, my eczema is not in trouble, and my nails are fine 65 years old, before moxibustion: Insomnia is boring and cranky. Now I go to the psychiatric hospital to see experts who take western medicine and say they are depressed and don`t like eating. Their skin and bones have lost more than 20 jin. I used to dri>>>>word number263
[Lemon]2022-10-01 09:15:30
After 454 days of moxibustion, the big expelling disease came. Insomnia and anxiety, heart pressure, palpitation, rapid heartbeat, back pain, stomach discomfort, pharyngitis and nausea, all improved Today is 454 days of moxibustion. Although some of them are intermittent every day, I can`t believe that I can persist for so long. It was the guidance of Mentor Kele that made me insist on with my insomnia and anxiety from the very beginning>>>>word number1003
[Sister Cai]2022-10-07 15:29:29
For the fourth time, after eight months of vaporized moxibustion, many indicators were normal In this year`s physical examination, total bilirubin and low-density cholesterol decreased. Last year, total bilirubin was 31, this year 25.7, low-density cholesterol was 3.5 last year, and this year 2.96. It was normal. After nearly 8 months of vaporizat>>>>word number125
[Duo Duo Ma]2022-09-27 17:22:55
Afraid of cold, poor sleep, vaporized moxibustion for 400 days, shared for the second time, and cervical spondylosis was 90% better Good afternoon, moxibustion friends. I have been doing moxibustion for more than 400 days and haven`t talked in the group. But I have to visit the group several times every day. especially Sometimes I felt I can't persist moxibustion.>>>>word number1024
[restart!]2022-09-27 07:40:30
many diseases. Vaporized moxibustion for 164 days, including enteritis, gastritis, kidney stone, liver cyst, glandular cystitis, alopecia areata I was diagnosed with enteritis, gastritis, kidney stone, liver cyst and glandular cystitis before. The symptoms still exists despite the operation. I don`t know how much Chinese medicine and western medicine I have been taken.>>>>word number1652
[Pei Chao]2022-09-18 15:45:47
After 132 days of vaporization moxibustion, gastrointestinal polyps disappeared 33years old. Before moxibustion I have Breast node chronic pneumonia. Many dreams in sleep. Every year I will catch a cold. I loved to eat cold food when I was young. Now I can`t eat cold anymore. If my legs are cold, I will feel painful all over. I have >>>>word number564
[Warm Yang 5103]2022-09-17 20:38:09
Dry eyes, poor sleep, 552 days of vaporizing moxibustion, shared for the second time I have eaten a lot of cold food before. I have ecchymosis on my face. I am 45 years old, and my stool is a little sparse. Recently, I have difficulty falling asleep. I have not slept. I wake up many times in the night with dreamy eyes. My hands and feet a>>>>word number968
[Minor Snow]2022-06-16 17:33:05
The third sharing of doctors` self rescue, the summary of one year of vaporization moxibustion, all kinds of symptoms are improving, and HPV high-risk positive turns negative One year summary of moxibustion: after looking at 427 days of moxibustion, except for family affairs and two times of centralized isolation, the actual moxibustion is almost one year. Before moxibustion, I was 1. Insomnia, difficulty in falling as>>>>word number590
[kele]2020-06-24 15:20:41
My moxibustion diary day 331, all kinds of symptoms before my moxibustion Now I`d like to tell you about my previous physical condition. I had severe heart failure. It`s just that you can`t be angry. When you talk, you feel out of breath. When I inhale, I have to take a deep breath. I feel a little bit breathed, so basically I >>>>word number1107