Vaporizing Moxibustion for a month, sharing for the first time. This time, the cough and moxibustion have recovered without taking medication. My child has been saved

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The child is almost 6 years old at the end of March. Currently, he has a poor appetite, large eye bags, frequent blinking, night sweats, and feels hot. Since the age of 1, he has frequently caught colds, had fevers, coughs, night sweats, and cried due to heat discomfort. He also experienced night sweats and took Chinese medicine at the hospital, which showed some improvement and stopped crying. However, night sweats have persisted over the past two years. Within these two years, he has developed mouth ulcers and dryness in the upper lip. It is clear, teacher. At night, he tosses and turns, kicks the blanket, and the medication plan is not fully effective. Plaster is used for fever, sometimes 30 grams per dose, which can cause diarrhea. If the full dose is not consumed, other problems arise. Each visit results in a prescription for 7 doses, and there is a pile of Chinese medicine at home.

Two years ago, we came to this platform, but since the child was young, we were afraid to use moxibustion. Instead, the child has been taking Chinese medicine for the past two years to regulate the spleen and stomach. We have also tried pediatric massage, but it has been ineffective and expensive. I have already waited for 2 years, proving that the more Chinese medicine my son takes, the worse his condition becomes. Regardless of the number of years, I have persevered. Chinese medicine has not effectively treated my son's digestive problems. The more medicine he takes, the more heat he experiences, and a stack of problems remains unresolved. No matter what you say, Teacher Kele, I will not give up this time. Even if my son cannot go to school regularly due to moxibustion, I will take leave. I will endure the hardships and follow the instructions obediently. If my son continues like this, it will be a waste.

April 20, 23.4.20 update:
Hello everyone, thank you very much for Teacher Kele's guidance. This time, my son's cough improved significantly after using moxibustion without taking any medication. Since he was a little over 1 year old, my son has been constantly going to the hospital. I only believe in traditional Chinese medicine and have taken a lot of Chinese medicine. On Monday morning, he had a severe and persistent cough, hoarse voice, unable to cough properly, and a hollow sound in his chest when coughing. This has happened before, and if it weren't for moxibustion, I would have immediately gone to the hospital by taxi without hesitation. Taking medicine doesn't always guarantee improvement, but medicine still needs to be taken. I have no other choice.

Following Teacher Kele's guidance, I used moxibustion for 3 days this time, and this morning, my son's cough was already normal. He only coughed a few times. It's truly miraculous. Thank you, Teacher. My child has been saved.