Severe depression, anxiety and insomnia, just cure at home

[Careless 41386]2022-05-16 13:40:29
Vaporization moxibustion can save serious and incurable diseases. Why can`t it be popularized Looking at everyone`s chat, I deeply feel that only vaporization moxibustion can completely cure serious and incurable diseases. Others are hehe. Reasons why it is not easy to popularize: first, the modern society is a fast-food society. People are impetu>>>>word number616
[kele]2021-02-03 09:07:19
The 2nd anniversary of vaporization moxibustion, saved myself and my daughter, saved my family, how can I see rainbow without wind and rain On February 1, 2019, I picked up the moxa stick to save myself. It`s just two years. In 2010, after abortion and massive bleeding, she began to have insomnia, stayed up all night, and was upset and irritable. In order to cure insomnia, I took medicine and>>>>word number395
[kele]2021-06-29 18:46:19
After more than 800 days of vaporization moxibustion, my renal function returned to work. Rome was not built in a day I went to sleep for a while. When I slept, I felt urgent to urinate. It was incredible. I had urinated every afternoon for three consecutive days. I haven`t had the function of urinating independently for many years. From February 1, 2019, I picked up the>>>>word number670
[Wan Er]2020-11-16 11:38:17
Depression is over, and the eczema that has plagued me for a long time is over. Stubborn nodular prurigo, I thought it was an incurable disease, but now I am full of hope for cure The moxa sticks at Mr. Coke`s house are reassuring, and Mr. Coke`s yin-yang vaporization moxibustion is a good method. I have been moxibustion for 3 months, and I have gained a lot of benefits. I have a good sleep, fewer dreams, a good complexion, and the>>>>word number304
[Ren Haiyan]2022-02-17 09:38:58
After vomiting yesterday, I went up the steps again. After vomiting for half an hour, I felt that a layer of phlegm and moisture wrapped on my body had been removed, which seemed to untie me After vomiting yesterday, I went up the steps again. After vomiting for half an hour, I felt that a layer of phlegm and moisture wrapped on my body was removed, which was like loosening my binding. As soon as I touched some places on my body this morning,>>>>word number788
[Nourishing the mind and calming the nerves]2021-05-22 15:06:16
Serious insomnia for 16 years, suicide, suffering from breast nodules, hysteromyoma, moxibustion for 53 days, sleep for six hours last night, dare not recall the past I can`t sleep at night. I can`t sleep after eating five or six valium tablets. My sleep function is gone. I`m seriously dependent on drugs. I`m tortured by insomnia. People soon lose weight. I look yellow and thin. My eyes are concave. I don`t dare to fac>>>>word number1375
[gx]2021-01-26 19:47:48
After 60 days of vaporization moxibustion, we can finally get some moxibustion. After 38 days of moxibustion, my blood pressure was suddenly high and my whole body was hot and dry. I stopped moxibustion for 20 days. Under the guidance of teacher Ke`E Niuge, I continued Moxibustion after my body was stable through dietotherapy, physic>>>>word number118
[colorfullcloud ]2021-05-16 06:03:23
The reaction of vaporization moxibustion for 33 days was too naive and simple. The moxibustion process turned out to be so difficult First of all, I want to thank Meixi`s mother for seeing the moxibustion video shared by Meixi`s mother in the watermelon video. Through understanding, I came to this health platform. Meet coke, brother Niu. Thank you. I am grateful to all my relatives and>>>>word number501
[kele]2021-08-08 19:32:48
915 days later, there was a new discharge A few days after moxibustion, there was a cold wind. My left leg was sore and I felt it difficult to lift my leg. Two days later, I found a large purple spot on my knee, as if it had been hit by a hammer (the photo is beautiful, the actual color is black >>>>word number118
[Aikang]2023-02-15 10:24:33
Insomnia, rheumatoid arthritis, deformed fingers, stiff limbs, pain in the joints of the whole body, Sjogren`s syndrome, and Vaporizing Moxibustion for 700 days At the age of 58, I suffer from choroidal melanoma in my right eye. I underwent adhesive radiation therapy surgery in January 2019 and have been taking Chinese medicine for recovery ever since. I also had a thyroid cyst surgery over 20 years ago and curre>>>>word number581