My daughter finally vomited heavily after 1600 days of moxibustion

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My daughter went out to play two days ago and rode roller coasters, swinging ships, and pirate ships. She wasn't afraid and didn't feel uncomfortable while playing these rides. Yesterday, she felt unwell the whole day and couldn't eat or had any appetite, feeling nauseous. She didn't eat anything all day. This morning, she felt nauseous and couldn't get up, feeling dizzy. She suddenly felt nauseous and vomited before she could make it to the bathroom, vomiting a lot of water. It's possible that riding the roller coaster two days ago caused the discomfort, and it's only now that she's able to vomit. I'm actually relieved that she can vomit because it's the most uncomfortable feeling when it stays in the body.

My daughter just vomited again, and it was all over her before she could make it to the bathroom. She said it tasted sour when she vomited.

My daughter has also been feeling unwell for a long time, with a poor appetite and feeling nauseous every morning. She always wants to vomit but couldn't until this time when she finally vomited some.

Every time she wants to vomit, she suddenly sprays it out before she can make it to the bathroom. I can't take pictures or videos in time and have to take care of her immediately.

My daughter used to have fever, headaches, excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat, cracked tongue, poor appetite, constipation, sensitivity to heat and wind, dry skin, and peeling.

My daughter used to have dry mouth and a bitter taste in her mouth as well.

During the more than four years of doing moxibustion, my child has also experienced various discomforts while detoxifying, but she has always felt nauseous and wanted to vomit. I really hope she can vomit a lot. Yesterday, she lay in the hotel all day, not eating or drinking, feeling uncomfortable. Today, she finally vomited a lot of sour and bitter water, sticky. It took a long time for the accumulated energy to vomit out so much garbage. But my daughter takes a lot of Chinese herbal medicine, and this time, she only eliminated a little. There is still a lot remaining in her body.

There is no magical herb or medicine in this world. Without the determination and patience, one cannot wait for the detoxification and would give up.