Severe depression, anxiety and insomnia, just cure at home

[leaf]2020-05-31 17:14:47
Extremely cold averse I am the ultimate version of fear of cold, aphrodisia, feel the process of freezing death, cold to the extreme, spleen hardened, understand why frozen dead bodies are hard, sad is that many diseases in the world really progress from death, but can not fin>>>>word number501
[leaf]2020-05-31 16:22:26
Yin Yang Qi moxibustion continues Fear of cold ultimate version, still 10 hours of moxibustion every day. Sometimes moxibustion to one or two in the night, reluctant to put it down. Moxibustion for more than a year, heavy moxibustion for 4 months. Recently, I have covered four quilts. Alt>>>>word number342
[Sea group]2020-05-31 15:48:24
Stomach distension and Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion After several years of steaming moxibustion, the stomach distension and abdominal distension were obviously improved>>>>word number358
[Dong`e donkey hide gelatin 5.02]2020-05-26 18:56:52
After seeking medical advice for many years, his son`s leg pain improved after 13 days of Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion The child`s grandmother said that maybe our house Fengshui is not good, we want to change the house, I wrote here with tears. On May 2, when I was in a negative mood, I met a coke teacher in a good video. I added friends and consulted a lot. I tried moxib>>>>word number659
[Zhang Juan]2020-05-30 18:52:36
The 43rd day of Moxibustion Because I`m afraid of the cold, my mother buried me>>>>word number372
[wph]2020-05-30 17:47:40
My experience of Moxibustion Hello everyone! I started moxibustion on April 25th, and from May 1st to 13th, I stopped the moxibustion because of something. Today, I have done 23 days of moxibustion. The shortest time of stir frying is 1 hour, and the longest is 2 sticks and 4cm. In t>>>>word number195
[kele]2020-05-30 17:25:55
Experience of vaporization moxibustion for removing pulmonary nodules Everyone`s constitution is different, do not imitate at will!>>>>word number489
[freely flowing style of writing]2020-05-30 12:39:52
Insomnia, gastric reflux, depression, depression During the holiday, I saw the teacher`s sharing and began moxibustion with her.>>>>word number161
[Flowers bloom on the street]2020-05-30 11:46:39
Upper hot and lower cold, afraid of cold ~ vaporization moxibustion for more than 50 days I am 40 years old. I have been burping for 18 years. There are about 20-30 burps every day, which is still very loud. My stool is OK, but I can`t finish pulling. My fart is almost gone. I have gastroesophageal reflux. I spit a lot of white phlegm. I have >>>>word number159
[Simon Birch]2020-07-01 14:23:46
Stomach disease, eczema, fear of cold The process of expelling disease is very wonderful. The first stage is very comfortable, but it becomes serious when entering the second stage. If you use moxibustion, you can beat it.>>>>word number674