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[Happy life]2020-06-19 14:56:11
Experience of moxibustion with coke for 25 days Cold stomach, dry rhinitis, dysmenorrhea, hair loss, dandruff, gingival bleeding. With coke and moxa sticks, I have gained a lot. Therefore, whenever I have time, I think about moxibustion, without supervision at all, because I want to meet better myself.>>>>word number620
[All the way sunshine]2020-06-06 22:24:01
Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion for a week, my daughter`s stomach is not swollen or blocked Because of her long-term love of cold food, cold drinks, spicy and greasy, her stomach is bloated and blocked, and she is in a bad mood and unwilling to move. Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion for a week, the stomach feel relaxed, whole body light, mood i>>>>word number287
[Wisteria]2020-06-07 15:08:01
Moxibustion eliminated my bags under my eyes Moxibustion eliminated my bags under my eyes. I saw Mr. Ke Ke`s vaporization moxibustion on the front page, and I thought it was amazing at that time. I used to be a moxibustion enthusiast, but I used to use moxibustion pots to conduct Acupoint Moxibustio>>>>word number230
[Meixi Mom]2020-06-06 21:14:29
The expelling reaction of Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion for more than 70 days The head is hazy, lying down is not too dizzy, the head slightly raises a little to dizzy not to be able to, at that time very afraid, good on the dizzy whirling. If moxibustion does not have Cola teacher`s instruction, meets the serious row sickness, the>>>>word number293
[Ren Haiyan]2020-06-04 16:50:49
Effect and rejection reaction in the last week Two days ago, the left lower abdomen pain was suppressed for 3 days. It is estimated that the ovarian position is not painful today. I think of the teacher`s moxibustion to find a disease. I have a deep understanding in my heart. Otherwise, I went to the >>>>word number311
[Ren Haiyan]2020-07-26 08:03:16
Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion brings me back to normal life Under the guidance of brother Niu and Mr. Ke Ke, they came step by step. At the beginning of the two-week preparation stage, there was no moxibustion effect. When I was moxibusting, I felt my stomach was hot, and I repeatedly felt dizzy, headache, dry mou>>>>word number325
[Gardenia]2020-06-04 11:59:17
Magical feeling after moxibustion I have a lot of physical discomfort, but I can`t feel what it is. The symptoms come up one after another. Some time ago, I saw a story about coke in the headlines because of the bad spleen and stomach and the pain in the right lower abdomen. Because I kne>>>>word number283
[Amanda]2020-06-04 18:18:55
Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion hello everyone! Today, I would like to share with you the effect of steam moxibustion for more than two months.>>>>word number585
[Snow has come]2020-06-04 08:15:35
Puerperal disease, urinary retention, from last time to share the disease that I * ve experienced today. The last time I experienced cystitis, I thought it would be quiet for a few days, but I didn`t want to have a cold like discharge reaction. The moon disease is caused by a cold. This reaction is normal, with ear root pain, throat pain, brain pain, sneezin>>>>word number214
[All the way sunshine]2020-06-03 06:51:35
Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion dispels cold and dampness, promotes Yang Qi, warming hands and feet, and blood color of lips. Moxibustion was started in summer on May 6, but the effect was not obvious. On May 10, I got to know Mr. Ke Ke and paid close attention to her. It was very real to see so many people sharing and Taobao video. Like the teacher, I have tried Chinese medicin>>>>word number270