Severe depression, anxiety and insomnia, just cure at home

[It`s your destiny]2020-06-03 06:49:49
My family and friends around us are vaporizing moxibustion. This is from my sister-in-law For more than ten days, there are different moxibustion feelings every day. I`m afraid that few people achieve this effect.>>>>word number287
[Life is dull]2020-06-19 14:48:16
Under the recommendation of a friend, we found a teacher named Ke Ke. Therefore, our husband and wife embarked on the road of Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion I was worried about giving up halfway. I bought 280 moxa sticks directly from Mr. Ke Ke, at least for half a year. Another reason is that my husband also took the road of moxibustion. He made three stents for coronary heart disease. Now he also followed t>>>>word number612
[Simplicity is beauty]2020-06-03 05:34:16
Insomnia and dreaminess all night, depression, anxiety, rapid heart rate, vaporization moxibustion for 2 months Because of his poor health, he left his job in November, and went home because of many physical problems. He kept running to the hospital for acupuncture and moxibustion. He had insomnia at night, thinking about everything. He often dreamed that someone w>>>>word number1020
[Niu]2020-06-03 05:41:14
Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion, each stick is not white moxibustion, moxibustion adherents We are not Acupoint Moxibustion, we are to break through the internal organs and blood stasis, our family escaped from death>>>>word number214
[Plum wood]2020-06-03 05:38:52
AI`s harvest and gratitude I had diarrhea due to moxibustion yesterday>>>>word number166
[glowworm]2020-06-03 05:37:50
Understanding of disease elimination reaction The reaction of moxibustion expelling diseases varies from person to person. I once had a small lump in my neck for a long time. I had diarrhea once, and my nose was dry, painful and scabby. However, the most common reaction was sweating. At the beginning>>>>word number134
[yue]2020-06-03 05:37:35
Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion is very effective for cold and cough. Last weekend, the child came home with a cold and cough, itchy throat and runny nose. Her husband said he would take medicine for him. I said first do not eat, I give him moxibustion first try. I gave him moxibustion with 4cm moxa sticks. After 60 minutes>>>>word number156
[wenyan]2020-06-03 05:36:36
Watching live broadcast to learn about vaporization moxibustion from doubt to belief At first, I didn`t believe that vaporization moxibustion was so powerful. It was proved to be so magical by practice. I have more problems: vaginitis, distending cavity inflammation, stomach distension, easy to get on fire>>>>word number282
[Spring grass]2020-06-03 05:34:59
My three months of vaporization moxibustion changes It turns out that I am water wet constitution. Moxibustion tools used to be used at home. Come across coke. Brother Niu, before them. I`ve had moxibustion, too. There are all kinds of cooking equipment at home. As soon as moxibustion is opened, moxibustio>>>>word number218
[Simon Birch]2020-06-03 05:29:51
Share "Ai" on the 35th day of vaporization moxibustion treatment I have stomach disease for more than ten years. I have taken a lot of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and all kinds of folk prescriptions. Bad temper, bad color, dark lips, eczema. Please see the effect of my vaporization moxibustion for 35>>>>word number467