Severe depression, anxiety and insomnia, just cure at home

[Snow has come]2020-06-02 22:52:25
Postpartum serious puerperal disease with urinary retention, vaporization moxibustion for 107th days * I used to have a blood avalanche, third degree shock, hemoglobin only 4 grams, because of anemia, I had blood transfusion, I was afraid that I would die and leave my young child. In the extreme of despair, I met a video of Coke`s self-help.>>>>word number389
[Summer of Cosmos]2020-06-02 22:50:55
The power of moxibustion depends on the changes of tongue coating More than ten years of tongue coating has not looked so comfortable, moxibustion is amazing>>>>word number279
[Zhang Juan]2020-06-02 20:30:56
Experience of toothache on the 39th day of Moxibustion Today, I finally found out what moxibustion is like ✌️>>>>word number319
[Plain life]2020-06-02 20:24:33
Moxibustion with coke gave me hope After four times of gastroscopy and colonoscopy, it was suspected that gastric cancer was in early stage. Grateful to meet coke, let me see hope>>>>word number559
[Zhang Juan]2020-06-02 20:24:15
The 26th day of Moxibustion If you don`t listen to the teacher, you will suffer a loss>>>>word number345
[Amanda]2020-06-02 20:09:51
One of Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion Hello everyone moxibustion friends, today I would like to share the effect of moxibustion with cola Yin and Yang vaporization for more than two months. Eczema is recovering day by day, sleep quality is improving day by day, and knee pain is also gradually>>>>word number1142
[It`s your destiny]2020-06-02 19:46:41
Do you know what moxibustion is? I want to share a good news: my niece started moxibustion on April 21, and has passed the whole body moxibustion today. Have you ever experienced the feeling of general circulation?>>>>word number187
[Drama]2020-05-29 09:47:19
Constipation, tinnitus, nephritis, stomach distension, and moxibustion continued This is shared in wechat group two months ago. It was all sorted out by sister Ke Ke. I have no record of it. Sister Ke helped to find it out. Thank you very much!>>>>word number582
[Zhang Juan]2020-06-02 19:47:41
The 27th day of Moxibustion I had two cesarean section, and the anesthetic was not dispersed because of the cold. I couldn`t lie down and sleep because of the pain. But the moxibustion of Mr. coke saved me ✌️>>>>word number305
[self-discipline]2020-06-03 17:12:17
Finally, I`m not afraid of the cold Moxibustion is the biggest harvest, not afraid of cold, people are also thin, how much Chinese medicine to eat, but also no such effect, thank you for meeting the headlines, thank you for meeting coke teacher! Wish you all well!>>>>word number339