Severe depression, anxiety and insomnia, just cure at home

[Health is bliss]2020-05-31 05:28:00
Severe fear of wind, cold, insomnia, vaporization moxibustion effect sharing for three months Afraid of the wind, I dare not go out. I open the window. I feel like a big piece of ice on my back all day long. I have insomnia all night. For 18 years, I have to rely on strong drugs to sleep for nearly three years. Over the years, Chinese medicine, we>>>>word number637
[Xiaohong]2020-06-02 22:52:49
Cervical spondylosis, insomnia, vaporization moxibustion for three months Say my cervical vertebra is bad what symptom: insomnia, headache, dizziness, disgust, sometimes walk up the step still can fall somersault>>>>word number727
[Wang Jin`e]2020-05-27 21:55:11
Psoriasis (May 11, 2020) My son`s psoriasis began vaporization moxibustion on May 11. Today is the 26th of the 5th. I`d like to share with you the picture of the leg before moxibustion and that of the leg being moxibustion on May 26>>>>word number118
[Naive Blue]2020-05-28 00:11:21
Effect sharing of moxibustion with cola for chest tightness, shortness of breath and stomach discomfort If you can`t speak, you`ll be out of breath if you can`t speak. Your stomach, armpits, and lungs are connected. If you can live, you just don`t talk, you don`t worry, you eat melatonin and sleep. After all these years, I`ve been bothered by premature hear>>>>word number115
[better and better]2020-05-26 19:56:33
Insomnia I understand that physical problems are not just sleep disorders. People were haggard, pale yellow, with little menstruation and dark color. I can`t eat stale food, especially meat and fishy food. Once I eat it, I have nausea and vomiting, as well as seve>>>>word number518
[tearful]2020-06-02 20:05:00
Gastropathy and Yin Yang vaporization I have stomach trouble, afraid of cold, cold fruit food dare not eat, after meals often right upper abdomen distension, take medicine, but every year will recur, want to radical cure, there is no good treatment>>>>word number302
[Tianqing Body Penetrating]2020-05-26 08:38:39
Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion improves sleep Severe insomnia, < p > I had severe insomnia before, and I often stayed up all night, and got up the next day, I was flustered and short of breath, and could not do anything. Sleeping pills took two years and became dependent. After moxibustion for more t>>>>word number181
[A glance back.. Under the sun~]2020-05-27 16:18:46
The terrible abdominal distension and anal sinusitis are killing me Moxibustion makes me feel better and less anxious. After I got sick in 2019, I saw a doctor for a long time. I feel like my life is over and I`m only 20 years old. How can I become like this and try to make myself better>>>>word number618
[Lime is sweet]2020-06-02 20:24:05
Meet Cola teacher, encounter vaporization roast, improved the pain, good! Because of nephritis for more than 20 years, the body has been deteriorating day by day, with thick tongue coating, tooth marks, high blood pressure, headache, joint pain, poor sleep, foaming urine, low back pain, poor spirit, and great pressure. After re>>>>word number353
[one thousand three hundred and twenty-three]2020-05-26 12:42:06
The magic of Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion Method, direction is wrong, moxibustion hard waste>>>>word number314