platform will pay 20% of comissions to affiliate for all users who invited and any time the users pay on platform. First day of month will pay to affiliate. If refund happened, the comissions will be deducted from next payment.
If you have any followers or customer rescources, you can apply.
You can find all your users payment records and commision pay record number in .
In [my][my payin out] to review all your payment records.
You need to advocate the TranyoHealth platform and tell user your invitation code. When user register with this code, user will get some credits to consume on the platform. And user will add to your friends automatically. Once user is registered, this code can not be add or modified. You can check your friends list in [my][my friends].
You should first click your avatar to edit your profile and add the invitation code. Then you chat on platform [chat][private chat] to introduce what you do and then you will be approved.
We have an affiliate member who has about 30000 followers. She only shooted video for one year. She has stopped shooting video and has stop inviting new users. But she is still has continuos profit from the consumption of the previous users. She has earned $210,000 in two years.