TranyoHealth service agreement
1. This platform is operated by Ningbo Tranyo Network Technology Co., LTD.
This Agreement stipulates the rights and obligations of both parties in moxibustion service between Ningbo Tranyo Network Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and the customer.
Please read and understand this Service Agreement carefully before using our products (or services).
2. Customer rights and Obligations

The company guarantees that the information provided is true and effective, and shall not conceal any negative information related to the products and services provided. If any customer loss is caused by false description of the company, the customer can claim compensation according to laws and regulations.
1) Moxibustion service
When customers conduct moxibustion consultation and guidance, they must provide corresponding real symptoms, medical experience, disease history, examination report, etc., and the customer shall not conceal the historical symptoms of disease.
And shall not carry out other medical treatment without permission, except for emergency rescue treatment.
Customers must fully understand the risks and disease response of vaporized moxibustion before starting consultation, and promise that all risks are at their own risk.
Customers need to pay consulting fees and purchase items such as Mugwort according to the requirements of the platform.
For non-one-month consulting fee, the client has the right to refund and deduct the consulting fee on a monthly basis. Deduction is calculated by monthly price multiplied by the number of months, less than one month is calculated by one month.
Symptoms, moxibustion time and operation methods must be fed back every day during moxibustion process.

3)user created content and EULA(End User License Agreement) The copyright of user created content belongs to the Company. Users agree to terms (EULA) and there is no tolerance for objectionable content or abusive users. The information released by users must comply with the laws and regulations of China and the country where they are located, and objectionable content and abuse are not allowed. Otherwise, the platform will set users to blacklist, and users will not be able to log in and use the platform normally

3.Rights and Obligations of Ningbo Tranyo Network Technology Co., LTD.
The company is responsible for providing products and services to customers within the scope permitted by laws and regulations to ensure the normal operation of the platform. If the false information provided by the customer results in any loss of the Company or any third party, the Company has the right to claim compensation according to laws and regulations.
The company shall not exaggerate publicity or make false statements.
1) Moxibustion service
The client must guarantee the rights and obligations of the moxibustion provider.
Moxibustion therapists need to provide timely guidance after receiving consultation from patients.
If the patient conceals his condition or does not operate according to the guidance, the moxibustion teacher has the right to terminate the service and will not refund the consulting fee of the month.
According to the regulations of the platform, the company will timely handle relevant refund when customers apply for refund.

We guarantee that the patient cases are share by the patient itself. But we cannot guarantee that we can cure every patient. Anybody can die of any accidental reason. The patient shall take all responsibility by himself. Vaporizing moxibustion treatment need long time and is very hard. It shall not be imitated.

5.How to contact us
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this Agreement, please contact us by:
Ningbo Tranyo Network Com. Ltd
Add.: 104-6,No3 Kexin Building 2,Shouhan Street,Yinzhou District,Ningbo, Zhejiang,China