Severe depression, anxiety and insomnia, just cure at home

[Ren Haiyan]2023-11-18 17:11:20
16th sharing, vomiting and vomiting again Hello, mentor Cola?? Last night, I fell ill in the back row after dinner. First I had stomach pain, then I had to defecate, and then I had pain around my navel. After a while, I began to vomit, and the food I vomited was sour, water, and mucus. After vomi>>>>word number205
[Ren Haiyan]2022-05-02 10:57:19
For the 15th time, I went to the epidemic area of Shanghai. My family caught a cold. I was spared, thanks to vaporization moxibustion Everyone is friendly! Moxibustion used to lie down with a sad face every day and ponder how to treat the disease every day. I went there as soon as I heard that there was a famous doctor. I don`t know how much wronged money I spent. Since I learned yin-ya>>>>word number263
[Ren Haiyan]2022-02-17 09:38:58
After vomiting yesterday, I went up the steps again. After vomiting for half an hour, I felt that a layer of phlegm and moisture wrapped on my body had been removed, which seemed to untie me After vomiting yesterday, I went up the steps again. After vomiting for half an hour, I felt that a layer of phlegm and moisture wrapped on my body was removed, which was like loosening my binding. As soon as I touched some places on my body this morning,>>>>word number788
[Ren Haiyan]2021-03-02 08:43:37
Seeking medical advice for 15 years The first time I got sick was in 2006. Depression was also called mental illness. It was a fashionable disease at that time, and I got it. I don`t know about this disease at all. At the beginning, I couldn`t sleep, eat, and speak. I felt that I had lost a>>>>word number278
[Ren Haiyan]2021-05-02 18:21:04
Panic, palpitation, anxiety, depression, insomnia, body symptoms of cold and heat. It`s amazing to stick to vaporization moxibustion for one year and two months Today, I followed Mr. Niu Ge Ke`s yin-yang vaporization moxibustion for a year and two months for several more days. I had a good time defecating in Xishui in the morning. Now it`s more than 6 p.m. after a day`s work, I didn`t eat at noon. I`m not tired a>>>>word number188
[Ren Haiyan]2021-04-23 19:04:54
Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion for more than one year I have taken Lara, celet, bolexin, Prozac, olanzapine, clonazepam and xinbaida in large doses. After eating medicine, one arm is cold and unconscious, and sometimes it is as hot as fire. I think cancer chemotherapy is just that. There are a lot of traditi>>>>word number437
[Ren Haiyan]2021-03-25 06:46:16
Vaporization moxibustion a year and a month to share, patience and confidence is the most important Moxibustion a year and a month, navel up the big lump finally loose, the whole stomach can rub, and now there are fist big lump did not pass. The mango bag at Shanzhong acupoint has not disappeared yet. It`s just a little softened when relaxing at home. I>>>>word number421
[Ren Haiyan]2021-03-02 15:44:59
>>>>word number854
[Ren Haiyan]2021-01-15 17:04:59
Anxiety, depression, vaporization moxibustion 10 months, the longest row disease After moxibustion for ten months, there was a reaction to expel diseases. First of all, the whole body was hot and dry. The nose was hot, and there was no fever. Next, I have sore throat, cough, sneeze, and I can`t sleep at night. I feel irritable and I`m>>>>word number223
[Ren Haiyan]2020-12-31 22:12:41
Experience of Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion for 10 months 2020 is an extraordinary year. Under the careful guidance of Ke`E Niuge, we stick to yin-yang vaporization moxibustion for 10 months. Our body has changed from anxiety and depression, imbalance of spleen and stomach transportation to today`s basic improve>>>>word number209