16th sharing, vomiting and vomiting again

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Hello, mentor Cola ?? Last night, I fell ill in the back row after dinner. First I had stomach pain, then I had to defecate, and then I had pain around my navel. After a while, I began to vomit, and the food I vomited was sour, water, and mucus. After vomiting, I had a stomachache and shivered all over, which was quite frustrating until it relieved at night. After another difficult level, my teeth were trembling and I couldn`t stop. It was amazing that I had just reached the limit of tolerance and relieved my stomach pain. It`s the first time I`ve experienced so many illnesses. I feel like the gastrointestinal tract is moving from top to bottom, and the mucus vomited is bitter, which must be the traditional Chinese medicine I used to eat