Severe depression, anxiety and insomnia, just cure at home

[Chen Hongmei]2021-04-18 22:36:40
It`s the 50th day of moxibustion. For me, the effect of sleep anxiety is the best. My heart is much better after the disease elimination reaction last week Today, I have been treated with gasification moxibustion for 50 days. I have had insomnia for a year. I have a lot of problems in my body, such as depression, anxiety, panic, fear, sweating, heart palpitations and chest tightness from time to time. These >>>>word number1116
[Chen Hongmei]2021-06-27 13:49:40
Insomnia, palpitation, palpitation, hyperhidrosis, cervical spondylosis and other diseases After 116 days of gasification moxibustion, how was my situation? Four months ago, that is, more than a year before March 1, I completely lost sleep. At that time, in the epidemic situation in Wuhan, I was in poor health, serious cervical spondylosis, inc>>>>word number2514
[Chen Hongmei]2021-06-02 19:45:38
Gasification moxibustion for 94 days, anxiety, depression and insomnia, as if afraid of everything. Now these problems are all over Gasification moxibustion has been used for 94 days, with anxiety, depression and insomnia. I seem to be afraid of everything. Now these problems are all over. Some time ago, there were many things at home and I kept busy outside. I`m afraid my body can`t >>>>word number1288
[Chen Hongmei]2021-05-03 09:10:18
Insomnia for a year, gasification moxibustion for 60 days, anxiety, insomnia, stomach top, right gallbladder pain, heart shaking, chest tightness, these problems gradually improved, and suddenly couldn`t sleep well the first two days One year of insomnia, 60 days of gasification moxibustion, anxiety, insomnia, stomach top, right gallbladder pain, heart shaking and chest tightness. These problems gradually improved. I suddenly couldn`t sleep well two days ago. I think it`s another reac>>>>word number797
[Chen Hongmei]2021-03-29 20:09:29
I couldn`t sleep for a year last year. I had 29 days of moxibustion and slept seven hours every night. Thyroid nodule cervical spondylosis gallbladder polyp pain much better I couldn`t sleep for a year last year. I had 29 days of gasification moxibustion. The magical effect of gasification moxibustion immediately benefited me. I could easily fall asleep on the first day of gasification moxibustion, which gave me great encoura>>>>word number1078
[Chen Hongmei]2021-03-16 15:19:21
Menopause, insomnia, sweating, vaporization moxibustion 15 days, can sleep 5 hours, also stop sweating In the second half of last year, my way to seek medical treatment was crazy and painful. I tried both Chinese and Western medicine, and my heart was cold. 15 days ago, I was still in pain. I had a good sleep that night. My heart, which wanted to run every>>>>word number784
[Chen Hongmei]2021-03-10 21:34:37
Insomnia for a year, vaporization moxibustion on the first day did not take medicine fell asleep, excited to tears Before Moxibustion: good teacher, I didn`t take sleeping pills last night, but I fell asleep. I felt like I had urine in the middle of the night, but I was too lazy to get up. I was in a daze until dawn. Moxibustion was so obvious on my first day. My eyes>>>>word number680