It`s the 50th day of moxibustion. For me, the effect of sleep anxiety is the best. My heart is much better after the disease elimination reaction last week

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Today marks the 50th day of my moxibustion therapy. As someone who suffered from insomnia for a year, my body has experienced many problems such as depression, anxiety, panic, fear, excessive sweating, occasional palpitations and chest tightness. These disruptive symptoms have caused me great suffering. I can endure the insomnia, but the lack of sleep has led to unexpected heart problems, which has caused me immense pain. My family is also very worried. I have sought help from many famous traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine doctors, but none of them were able to treat my other health issues. This left me feeling desperate.

Before the Chinese New Year, I was introduced to another renowned traditional Chinese medicine doctor, and I persisted in taking the herbal medicine prescribed by him for a month. However, it had no effect whatsoever. In the past, if the herbal medicine prescribed by a doctor didn't show any effect after three days, I would switch to another doctor. This time, my friend said that I should continue taking the medicine for a while and there would be improvement. But after a month of adherence, there was still no improvement, which left me disappointed and hopeless. To ensure my family could have a happy new year, I suppressed my inner pain and suffering. However, the torment of illness made me feel like I couldn't go on living.

After Chinese New Year, I made up my mind to try moxibustion therapy. I had known about it for a while but was hesitant to try it. Due to the disappointment and fear caused by the hospital visits, I finally decided to contact Teacher Kele. However, even after enrolling, I still found excuses and delayed the start of the therapy out of fear and apprehension. Five days later, on March 1st, I began the therapy. The first session didn't have much effect. I felt a slight drowsiness before the moxibustion was completely finished. That night, I slept through until dawn and couldn't get up. But I managed to get up and eat a simple breakfast before sleeping for another two hours. That's when I felt relieved. Initially, I only wanted to treat my insomnia, but the moxibustion therapy for 50 days has brought about significant changes in my body. I want to say that it's a complete transformation, and I'm truly happy. I'm really happy because I can now sleep normally. This has surprised my wife, considering that I didn't have a single day of restful sleep throughout my year of insomnia. Whether it was day or night, it was the same for me. Being able to lie down comfortably when my heart is fine is already considered good. Just when I was happy, Teacher Kele mentioned the existence of healing reactions, including the possibility of insomnia. However, I wasn't afraid at all after hearing this. I felt that I was on the right path, and I would accept whatever came my way. Of course, I still feel anxious when it's time to sleep, but with the encouragement from the teacher, I have full confidence again. Whatever is supposed to come will come. I have experienced detoxification reactions twice, but they only lasted for a few days and quickly passed. Each time, my body has progressed to a higher level. During this period, in order to build up my confidence, I watched more of the teacher's videos and received guidance and encouragement from the teacher. Of course, self-adjustment is also very important. Now, I can live a normal life like an ordinary person without spending all my time and money on seeking medical consultations. I would like to express my gratitude to Teacher Niu and Teacher Kele, who have created this miraculous tool called moxibustion. They not only persevered and cured themselves but also brought benefits to many others.

A few days ago, I consulted the teacher about the discomfort in my chest caused by healing reactions, and I followed the teacher's guidance and continued with the moxibustion therapy. Yesterday, the congestion in the left anterior and posterior chest area disappeared and moved to the right shoulder joint. I couldn't lift my right arm, but I could still lift the moxibustion stick. I just couldn't move it randomly. When I woke up this morning, the symptoms from yesterday were gone. It's really miraculous.

It's been 48 days since I started moxibustion therapy, and for me, the most significant improvement has been in sleep anxiety. After last week's healing reaction, my heart has improved a lot. However, one day, I got upset while arranging the house and had difficulty falling asleep at night. I decided to do moxibustion at 4 am and by 5:30 am, the anxiety disappeared. I fell back asleep until 9 am. I was extremely happy. This really is a magical method for healing and treating illness. However, this incident seemed to make me somewhat anxious again, as I kept thinking that it was because I was careless that I had to face the consequences. These days, I seem to be fixated on trivial matters, and my appetite has increased. It seems like another healing reaction. Other than that, everything is fine. I will continue to persist..