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[gx]2021-10-27 10:24:26
After nine and a half months, I finally got sick. 281 days, I finally looked forward to the disease elimination reaction. I vomited sour water, white phlegm and pain all over my body. Since the amount of moxibustion was increased in July, my body has been changing every day. The teacher has constantly he>>>>word number359
[gx]2022-06-30 17:42:57
Share for the eighth time and eliminate diseases again Since February, I haven`t been able to arrange my illness very much. I feel uncomfortable every day. My stomach is blocked up. The more I moxibustion, the more I feel that I need moxibustion. The body is damaged by the side effects of traditional Chinese >>>>word number296
[gx]2021-10-24 12:22:29
Moxibustion has been used for 322 days. I used to eat a lot of traditional Chinese medicine, but now I vomit wave after wave I vomit a little in 3 or 5 days and a lot in 20 days. It seems that I can`t finish vomitting sour water. I vomited so much last night, and there was still water noise in my stomach. It can be seen how deep the water medicine I took before should be blocke>>>>word number834
[gx]2021-09-29 09:37:56
Dryness and heat, hemorrhoids bleeding, frequent urination, pain in urination, gastric polyps and pulmonary nodules are just siltation, but we can`t see them and won`t believe them if we don`t spit them out I vomited sour water every one or two days from the 13th. It was not until yesterday that I really blocked the discharge of medicine accumulation and blood stasis. I haven`t been sick after moxibustion for nearly ten months, and I haven`t vomited small ro>>>>word number641
[gx]2021-09-20 19:53:48
Difficult moxibustion experience after more than five months For the first four months, I have been using small moxa stick moxibustion. After five and a half months, my intestines and stomach have improved. I don`t have diarrhea every day, hemorrhoids have improved, my appetite has improved, and my body has physica>>>>word number516
[gx]2021-02-28 21:46:57
57 frequent urination, mixed hemorrhoids, gastric polyps, AI Zhi 90 days to share Moxibustion a month later, because of physical reasons, it was very difficult, but I persisted regardless. In recent days, I found that moxa stick is getting closer and closer to the skin, and it`s not very hot. Every day, my stomach grunts, and I feel a >>>>word number186
[gx]2021-01-26 19:47:48
After 60 days of vaporization moxibustion, we can finally get some moxibustion. After 38 days of moxibustion, my blood pressure was suddenly high and my whole body was hot and dry. I stopped moxibustion for 20 days. Under the guidance of teacher Ke`E Niuge, I continued Moxibustion after my body was stable through dietotherapy, physic>>>>word number118
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