After nine and a half months, I finally got sick.

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After 281 days of waiting, I finally experienced the reaction of my illness. I vomited sour water and white phlegm, and my whole body felt sore. Since increasing the amount of moxibustion in July, my body has been changing every day. My teacher has been constantly adjusting for me. With the increase in moxibustion, my yang energy has also been improving. The pain in my neck, shoulders, back, upper arms, and breast tenderness have become more severe. The more painful it is, the more it indicates that there is severe blockage that needs to be cleared with moxibustion. Immediately after the reaction, I feel uncomfortable every day. Before moxibustion, I didn't have insomnia, but now I can't sleep all night and need to take sleeping pills. I endured the pain of the reaction persistently in July and August. My stomach churned every day and I felt like vomiting but couldn't. It still means that my energy is not enough. By August 20th, the pain in my body, such as neck and shoulders, became lighter, indicating that some of the blockage has been cleared. Gradually, in September, I felt that my physical strength improved a bit, but the sour water in my stomach couldn't come up in my throat. Finally, on the 13th, while doing moxibustion, a large amount of sour water gushed out, followed by spitting phlegm. I spit once every other day. I have been persistently working hard for nine and a half months. I have been longing for this for too long. Being able to clear the illness is my biggest progress. My body will enter a stage of improvement, and I am so happy. I will continue to work hard and cheer for my health.