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Vaporization moxibustion can save serious and incurable diseases. Why can`t it be popularized Looking at everyone`s chat, I deeply feel that only vaporization moxibustion can completely cure serious and incurable diseases. Others are hehe. Reasons why it is not easy to popularize: first, the modern society is a fast-food society. People are impetu>>>>word number616
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Moxibustion has been shared for a month. She has insomnia for more than 30 years. She is as thin as a wood. She used to be blood and tears. She has tried various treatments Moxibustion for a month. Mr. coke, brother Niu, I`ve been brewing for two days, but I still can`t write and share. It`s too painful, too depressed and too painful. It`s all blood and tears. It`s unbearable to look back on the past! In the native family, t>>>>word number1628
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I`m all sick, what if Western medicine doesn`t know how to treat it? I also have stomach prolapse, too thin without muscle support! After more than a year of moxibustion, now that I have finished eating and my stomach doesn`t feel any pain, I have noticed that the tilted 45 degree navel eye is almost returning to its norma>>>>word number367
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Two colds can be easily cured. Before moxibustion, each cold is painful All the children around me had mild symptoms, and soon became lively. Every time I catch a cold before moxibustion, I feel terrible! Pain, cough to doubt life! There are psychological shadows. A year later, moxibustion ushered in two big exams in successi>>>>word number455
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Insomnia for 30 years, vaporization moxibustion for the second time in two months. Recently, the work is particularly heavy. I haven`t slept for a week, and I`m full of energy, I would also like to share with you that the work has been particularly heavy recently. My colleagues have been awake for a week. My old aunt who is about to retire is also full of energy and can do as much as she can! I can hardly stay idle during the da>>>>word number232