Moxibustion has been shared for a month. She has insomnia for more than 30 years. She is as thin as a wood. She used to be blood and tears. She has tried various treatments

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It has been a month since I had moxibustion treatment. Teacher Kele, Niuge, I have been contemplating for two days but still couldn't write a proper share. It's too painful, oppressive, and torturous, filled with tears. I can't bear to look back at those memories! In my original family, my father would frequently abuse my mother and us children, causing constant chaos. At the age of 25, I got married and encountered a domineering mother-in-law and an immature husband. It felt like my life had withered before it even had a chance to bloom. After marriage, I felt tense and oppressed, even breathing felt like a mistake. Living with my in-laws for three years, I couldn't relax or eat or sleep anymore (my height is 162 cm, and before marriage, my weight was close to 100 kg, but after giving birth to a child in the first year of marriage, I weighed only 80 kg). ? Over the years, I have sought medical advice and tried almost every method, including Western medicine, Chinese medicine, massage, acupuncture, moxibustion, standing meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, Buddhist and Taoist practices, and folk remedies from various deities (I have been getting massages once a week since 2005), but none of them have solved my problems with eating and sleeping. Additionally, over the years, I have worked hard to earn money and take care of my parents, as well as my sister and her children who have been disabled due to family violence. I have taken care of my own small family, my in-laws, and my younger sister's family. All these families have enjoyed tranquility, while I have continued to bear the burden of various physical and mental distress and suffering. I have always felt like I won't live to retirement age. This year, my son got married happily, my husband received a promotion, and my parents and in-laws can eat, drink, play, and take care of themselves. Meanwhile, I have exhausted my last bit of energy, and no treatment seems to work anymore. I don't even feel like drinking water, and I can't even sit still. I don't have the strength to speak, and even if I force myself to say something, my whole body trembles. I feel like I have reached the final stage of my life: my weight has dropped to just 73 kg. I jokingly call myself a walking skeleton, a unique flower within a hundred miles! A former colleague mentioned moxibustion again, and by coincidence, I came across Teacher Kele. I realized that Chinese medicine could help with stagnation and blockages. I have consumed tons of Chinese medicine, so I almost didn't hesitate to pick up the moxibustion stick and started moxibustion under Teacher Kele's guidance. The moxibustion stick is a lifesaver! A few days later, I felt the warmth entering my body, along with the long-lost sensation of drowsiness and hunger. I was so happy! Although I am still taking medication now and my weight hasn't increased, I still feel fatigued. But I see hope, a glimmer of light in my life! I am particularly grateful to Teacher Kele and Niuge! Thank you to all the fellow moxibustion enthusiasts, especially Meixi Mama and Chenyue Mama, for sharing and encouraging! I hope that together with everyone, under the guidance of Teacher Kele and Niuge, we can regain our health, embrace the baptism and favor of life! I have also suffered from insomnia for a long time. I have spent most of my life in extreme pain: either trying various treatments or hoping to sleep on my own, eat properly, and have a normal appearance instead of being a walking skeleton! [cry] I am 53 years old this year. Since childhood, my parents had arguments and domestic violence, which caused me to have low self-esteem and a fearful and submissive personality. I had a strong sense of insignificance. Since living in a dormitory during high school, my sleep has not been good, and it has continued in college as well. After graduation, I got married quickly, and I was very nervous living with my in-laws, always worried about not pleasing them. I got married in January and gave birth to a child in December, and after that, I completely lost the ability to eat and sleep. I was 25 years old at that time. I had a tendency for multiple pregnancies and had my first miscarriage nine months after giving birth to my child. I then got an IUD, but the menstrual flow was too heavy, so I had it removed ten years later and had three more miscarriages. In total, I have had four miscarriages. Flowers die when they are overwatered, and people die from being overwhelmed.I mainly have too many emotional burdens, depression, and excessive exertion in my life and work, which has caused excessive depletion of myself. I have taken too many Chinese herbal medicines, and my colleagues jokingly say that the amount of herbal medicine I have consumed can be measured in tons. I have tried massage, acupuncture, and scraping therapy. I feel dizzy and confused every day. I have also taken medications such as Dailixin and Shule Anding. Even if I take a Shule Anding pill every day, I still cannot sleep for long.

When I can't sleep all night, my temples squeeze inward and it hurts so much that I feel like I can't bear it, making me feel on the verge of a breakdown. Even when I do manage to fall asleep, it feels like I'm half awake, unable to enter deep sleep. I also have no appetite for food, and it tastes like wax. It has been like this for many years. I am 162cm tall. Before I got married, I weighed nearly 100 pounds, and before giving birth, it was 119 pounds. After maternity leave, I was left with only 80 pounds. These past few years, I have been experiencing the symptoms of menopause, feeling discomfort all over my body, pain everywhere, and I have even more trouble sleeping and eating. I now weigh only 73 pounds. Fortunately, my superiors and colleagues take care of me and give me very little work. When I go home, I basically lie flat, with no strength even to chat. I have no motivation to do anything. Just like you said, even if you give me five million, I wouldn't go pick it up.

My annual medical examination report is at my workplace. I remember that my blood viscosity and triglycerides are high, and I have nodules or shadows in my thyroid, lungs, and liver. The value of Helicobacter pylori is high... Now, various red spots are appearing on the surface of my skin one after another.

Despite enduring so much pain and torment, I have not collapsed because since 2009, I have been using Buddhist and Taoist thoughts to adjust my mindset and standing meditation to adjust my body. I am no longer entangled in many things. I experience pain and happiness together. People have mistreated me countless times, but I treat everyone as if it were my first love, calmly accepting all karma!

The heavens sent you to be my assistant, and I am truly grateful! If I recover my health, I can better take care of my parents and parents-in-law and help more sentient beings around me who have a karmic connection. If my blessings are not enough, this life is sufficient! The only regret is that I have just tasted the sweetness of cultivation, but I don't have enough time to delve deeper into it. I can only wait for the next life...