Severe depression, anxiety and insomnia, just cure at home

[Zhang Juan]2021-01-14 08:37:48
In the past, the whole body was sick, unable to eat, difficult to fall asleep, easy to wake up, flustered, weak, lazy, dysmenorrhea, afraid of cold, afraid of heat, timid, dreamy, cold buttocks, two Moxibustion 9 months, not afraid of cold, discharge a lot of nasal mucus. A week`s clean nose is the kind that you don`t feel how much nose there is in the nasal cavity, but once you blow your nose, you will blow a lot of thick clean nose. Moxibustion 9 m>>>>word number290
[Zhang Juan]2020-08-02 09:24:19
On the 113th day of moxibustion, I encountered a fever of 39.4 in the second, which I solved with an moxa stick ✌️ Encountered the second fever 39.4, I used a moxa stick to solve ✌️。 Niu elder brother note: this wave of God like operation, few parents are so calm. Only when you benefit from Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion, and insist on learning and understanding, c>>>>word number923
[Zhang Juan]2020-06-27 09:14:18
Experience of moxibustion for 90 days If you don`t listen to the teacher, you`ll suffer>>>>word number1197
[Zhang Juan]2020-05-30 19:10:37
Moxibustion for 70 days I haven`t shared it for a long time, because I`m busy recently. It`s my fault that brother Niu and Mr. Ke Ke share such a good method, which makes me so useful. Why are you busy recently? After more than two months of moxibustion, the body is getting bett>>>>word number612
[Zhang Juan]2020-07-01 15:53:28
On the 34th day of moxibustion, the color of the holiday was bright red (the color of the holiday ten years ago) I have eaten no less than 7 kinds of health care, and have seen no less than 10 TCM doctors, cupping, scraping, acupuncture and massage. Do you have more of mine?>>>>word number1888
[Zhang Juan]2020-05-30 21:51:30
The teacher said that the tongue is as beautiful as the face Look at my picture share, this is my moxibustion 60 days when the teacher sent, you to evaluate it>>>>word number78
[Zhang Juan]2020-06-02 20:30:56
Experience of toothache on the 39th day of Moxibustion Today, I finally found out what moxibustion is like ✌️>>>>word number319
[Zhang Juan]2020-06-02 20:24:15
The 26th day of Moxibustion If you don`t listen to the teacher, you will suffer a loss>>>>word number345
[Zhang Juan]2020-06-02 19:47:41
The 27th day of Moxibustion I had two cesarean section, and the anesthetic was not dispersed because of the cold. I couldn`t lie down and sleep because of the pain. But the moxibustion of Mr. coke saved me ✌️>>>>word number305
[Zhang Juan]2020-05-30 18:52:36
The 43rd day of Moxibustion Because I`m afraid of the cold, my mother buried me>>>>word number372