Severe depression, anxiety and insomnia, just cure at home

[Weiran]2021-01-11 06:53:43
Severe insomnia, gallbladder polyps, alopecia, palpitation, vaporization moxibustion for 10 months, decades of cold feet, suddenly turn hot, so the meridians To share with you, when I went home by car this evening, my left half of my head was tense. Later, after my left head relaxed, my feet suddenly felt very hot. I only wore a single cloth shoe, but it didn`t turn hot all night before. I was afraid of cold f>>>>word number415
[Weiran]2021-01-12 10:15:25
I used to have severe insomnia, but now I can`t seem to sleep all night After moxibustion, I feel so uncomfortable. I feel pain in my legs. I need adults and children to eat three times a day. I have to plant vegetables to water the garden and do housework. I observe my tongue every day. Now my tongue is much smaller. Yesterd>>>>word number509
[Weiran]2020-07-16 13:43:25
>>>>word number187
[Weiran]2020-08-14 15:15:40
My daughter has a stomachache. It`s OK after moxibustion This morning, August 14, 2020, my daughter is eating breakfast. She has a sharp pain in her left small stomach. Her muscles are twisted together. The tighter it is, the more painful it is. She said that she had not suffered from moxibustion before, but th>>>>word number274
[Weiran]2020-06-19 13:13:56
Severe insomnia, gallbladder polyps The teacher told me to stop all the medicine moxibustion. At the beginning of moxibustion, the cold wind came out from behind. The whole body was cold, and the fire could not remove the cold. On the first day, there were two big blisters, but later for a >>>>word number576