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[Wang Jin`e]2020-05-26 08:51:23
Psoriasis (my son) on May 11, 2020 My son was diagnosed with psoriasis in 2012 and has not been cured since then. On line folk prescription, newspaper advertisement square, all fast to cure a person to die. A year ago, due to serious skin lesions, I took Chinese medicine for three months. >>>>word number220
[Wang Jin`e]2020-06-11 10:35:11
Vaporization moxibustion sharing started on May 6 I started vaporization moxibustion on May 6, and felt its magic. My 80 year old mother and my sister also followed me. They also benefited from it and insisted on moxibustion. It`s my blessing to get married with AI in this life. I`m grateful for vaporiza>>>>word number176
[Wang Jin`e]2020-06-10 18:09:33
Psoriasis (2012) This morning, moxibustion for about 1 hour, there was a strange itching all over the body, scratching does not understand itching, scraping board scraping also do not understand itching, pain ah!>>>>word number104
[Wang Jin`e]2020-06-10 11:02:43
Vaporization moxibustion for psoriasis on May 11, 2020 My son was diagnosed with psoriasis in 2012. He was hospitalized in the hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. The more serious the treatment is, the more serious he will not do any treatment after the end of the new year in 2020>>>>word number135
[Wang Jin`e]2020-05-26 20:03:07
Psoriasis (May 11, 2020) The first picture is before the vaporization moxibustion, the second picture is the vaporization moxibustion expelling diseases, and the third picture is the 14th day of vaporization moxibustion>>>>word number43
[Wang Jin`e]2020-05-27 21:55:11
Psoriasis (May 11, 2020) My son`s psoriasis began vaporization moxibustion on May 11. Today is the 26th of the 5th. I`d like to share with you the picture of the leg before moxibustion and that of the leg being moxibustion on May 26>>>>word number118