Severe depression, anxiety and insomnia, just cure at home

[cobblestone]2021-11-13 08:33:17
Adhere to the healthy return of Moxibustion Calculate the time, I have been moxibusting with Mr. coke for a whole year and a half. This process has experienced a lot. At first, I had insomnia all night, and my eyes were congested (alternating left and right for half a year, which frightened my fami>>>>word number315
[cobblestone]2021-12-24 12:25:37
One person moxibustion benefits the whole family It`s almost 600 days. There`s another surprise. I haven`t taken any medicine since I moxibustion with coke teacher, picked up the moxa stick, and saved a lot of money on my medical insurance card?. In the past, I used to brush my own card and often help o>>>>word number371
[cobblestone]2020-07-11 15:15:34
Red eye disease has been cured, and sleep has been improved Today is 65 days of moxibustion. Because insomnia 4 months, right eye red to ooze blood, injection, medicine, medicine on these two diseases are invalid, it is almost collapse. When I was most helpless, I met Mr. cola and started my moxibustion life. Beca>>>>word number241
[cobblestone]2020-06-19 14:01:48
Terrible insomnia On the day of 5.6, he contacted Mr. Ke Ke, who gave guidance after dialectics. He took the only one and a half moxa sticks left at home for moxibustion (the new one was not delivered). Yesterday, he had moxibustion for 6 hours. Previously, he only had mox>>>>word number561
[cobblestone]2020-06-03 05:39:52
Get back to sleep, so happy!

When I moxibustion the seventh day, the harvest is full! I`ll never sleep with you all night! Sleep well every night! Even better than before insomnia, not so many dreams. When I wash my hair, I can`t lose a few hairs. In the past, I was afraid that I >>>>word number239