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[Amanda]2022-03-07 09:39:16
Sixth share: follow up of vaporization moxibustion - headache One night in December last year, after I tutored my children to finish their homework, I had moxibustion for about two hours. Occasionally, the place on the right ear of my head hurts. Sometimes I take a comb and comb it fiercely, and I feel tired. In Hoh>>>>word number340
[Amanda]2020-11-12 11:23:11
The child`s cough is over~ The children are in kindergarten. The weather in Inner Mongolia is very good today! After a week`s rest and moxibustion, the child is back alive. It can be said that the cough is stopped after moxibustion for a day! Isn`t it amazing! Later, after a few da>>>>word number138
[Amanda]2020-11-08 23:20:02
Child cough-1 At the beginning of the cough is just a shallow cough, throat phlegm, throat some hoarse, two consecutive nights did not sleep well, always cough sleep is not good, during the day is cough spit out, she never like this! I couldn`t sleep. I got up when it >>>>word number609
[Amanda]2020-10-03 21:17:02
>>>>word number442
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Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion hello everyone! Today, I would like to share with you the effect of steam moxibustion for more than two months.>>>>word number585
[Amanda]2020-06-02 20:09:51
One of Yin Yang vaporization moxibustion Hello everyone moxibustion friends, today I would like to share the effect of moxibustion with cola Yin and Yang vaporization for more than two months. Eczema is recovering day by day, sleep quality is improving day by day, and knee pain is also gradually>>>>word number1142