Vitiligo insomnia Vaporizing Moxibustion for 739 days, sharing for the second time, mycoplasma positive COVID-19 two positive, moxibustion is ready

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From the end of September to October, all three of my family coughed one after another. At that time, I even asked the mentor if there was a pandemic. It`s never been good. I took my child to test positive for Mycoplasma two days ago. I guess our whole family is already there. Coughing for over a month is not good. I also called my husband moxibustion on the way. He said that moxibustion every day is not good for me. I will be completely well by the end of October. The baby and husband are still coughing. They are all eating Archie. I haven`t eaten anything, okay, now my husband will ask me when he`s resting, why haven`t he started moxibustion yet. I have had two sunsets this year, and the moxibustion guided by my mentor has improved. I have recovered the fastest since then ?