Moxibustion for over two years, and for the first time since I remember a fever

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I have been doing moxibustion for over two years and experienced my first fever. On Thursday afternoon, I started feeling pain in the bones below my waist and muscle soreness. It got worse by the evening, and I developed a fever. After a few days of guidance and adjustments from my teacher, my body temperature returned to normal this morning. Thank you, teacher.

This is the first time I have had a fever since I was a child. Even when people around me are sick, I never got infected. I used to think that my immune system was strong, but later I realized that it was because my body was weak and couldn't generate a fever. With the guidance and adjustment plans from my teacher, I have overcome many difficult times through moxibustion. I am grateful for my teacher's patience and care. Fellow moxibustion enthusiasts, stay strong and persevere. The day will come when everything will be better.

After the fever passed, I coughed up a lot of yellow phlegm. I also coughed up a large, hard lump of phlegm that would have been difficult to expel without moxibustion.