After seeing famous Chinese and Western medicine doctors, I feel discouraged and want to commit suicide. After a year of vaporization and moxibustion, my body gradually recovers

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I am 41 years old this year and have been suffering from severe insomnia for the past four years. I have taken around 300 doses of Chinese medicine and have been taking two types of Western medicine, one for anxiety and one for depression, continuously, but only taking them at night to help me sleep. It has been a cycle of improvement and relapse, with some periods being better and some worse. Recently, my insomnia has worsened again, but I am currently undergoing treatment with Chinese medicine, and it seems to have some effect. I rarely consume dairy products, and I eat fruits in small quantities. My bowel movements have also been inconsistent, with periods of constipation lasting for a few days. The traditional Chinese medicine doctor says that I have a weak spleen and kidney qi, as well as liver qi stagnation and blood stagnation. It's a particularly complex constitution, and I am especially sensitive to cold.

I have been receiving moxibustion treatment from Teacher A for almost a year now, and I would like to share my experience. I have had severe insomnia for six years, and before I met Teacher A, I was a patient full of hope seeking medical help everywhere, only to return with disappointment. I felt lost and on the edge of collapse. At first, I took Chinese medicine locally, but it had no effect. Then I traveled around the country to see so-called famous doctors, spending the whole year either seeing doctors or traveling to see doctors. Only those who have experienced such bitterness can understand it. Later on, I completely saw through both Chinese and Western medicine, felt desperate, and approached Teacher A's moxibustion treatment with a desperate mentality. At that time, I thought it was my last straw, leaving it up to fate, because my health was extremely poor at that time. I had been suffering from insomnia all night long, and the more doctors I saw over the years, the worse my condition became. I felt hopeless and even had thoughts of suicide multiple times. However, looking at my two unmarried children, I decided to give Teacher A's treatment a try as a last resort. After less than a month of moxibustion treatment, I was pleasantly surprised to see results. I felt amazed and grateful to Teacher A, finally feeling that there was hope for me. Afterwards, there were many surprises and relapses. I experienced healing reactions because I frequently studied in the group and knew that the process of recovery is like climbing a curve, which involves experiencing various degrees of healing reactions. So, I was calmly determined that this was the right path. I encountered healing reactions and relapses with acceptance. After strictly following Teacher A's guidance every day for almost a year, my health improved to the point where I only needed a minimal amount of Western medicine to quickly fall asleep and sleep for more than seven hours. During this time, I experienced two major healing reactions. The first one lasted for half a month, and the most recent one lasted for a month. The healing reactions were truly painful, with worsened insomnia, weight loss, severe phlegm dampness obstruction, irregular menstruation, and various bodily discomforts. But as long as you know that these are healing reactions, as Teacher A says, clearing deeper garbage from the body, you won't doubt or fear them. After the healing reactions, the path to recovery continued to move forward. I made it through this healing reaction and my sleep gradually improved. I believe that full recovery is not too far away. Perhaps my body has cleared out a lot of garbage because my skin looks much brighter than before. It used to be dull, and my hair has also become darker and glossier. So, sisters, we must persevere with Teacher A until the final victory. Only when our health is restored can we justify the suffering we have endured throughout our lives and repay Teacher A's sincere efforts! Lastly, I want to say that Teacher A is like a glimmer of light in infinite darkness, saving many people like me who have been struggling on the brink of death. I am grateful! Thank you!