Turning an Eye Vaporizing Moxibustion 2 is 3 months old. This time, I have passed the diseased intestines for the third time. I used to have dry stools and eyes, but now I have recovered and my appetite is also good

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Time really flies. It's been 2 years and 3 months since I started using moxibustion. This is my third treatment, and yesterday the pain started again. Later, I had diarrhea and vomiting when I went to the bathroom, and in the end, I passed out a sticky mucous-like substance that looked like blood, similar to the reaction I had during my first treatment. However, this time the reaction was milder compared to the first time. I didn't experience dizziness, fever, or extreme abdominal pain. Before using moxibustion, my gastrointestinal function was severely disrupted. I could hardly have a bowel movement, and it was dry and pellet-like. I often had to use enemas or soapy water to induce a little bit of movement, which was very painful. I suspect that there were too many nodules in my intestines. After moxibustion, the nodules gradually detached and were expelled. Tonight, I noticed that my appetite was better, and I enjoyed my meal. Moxibustion has greatly improved various aspects of my health over the past two years, including sleep and mental well-being. Moxibustion friends, don't lose hope. As long as you persevere with moxibustion, your body will gradually become better. Thank you very much to Teacher Kele and Brother Niu for their continuous guidance and encouragement. My body is getting better and I am grateful!