Vaporizing Moxibustion has been used for 655 days, but sleep is poor, digestion is poor, and various problems are improving

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When I first started receiving moxibustion treatment from the teacher, I just felt that my mood was not good and I easily got angry. It seemed like my body was disconnected from the outside world, and I couldn't feel the movement in my intestines. But for some people, this may not seem like a big deal, but for me, it was very painful. So, I turned to moxibustion to solve my digestive issues and improve my mood. I thought it would only take a year, and I believed that as long as I persisted for a year, I would fall in love with moxibustion. I got used to the daily routine of moxibustion because without it, I couldn't digest the food I ate and wouldn't be able to sleep. I often lay in bed feeling like I couldn't catch my breath. Before moxibustion, I found it difficult to fall asleep during lunchtime and could only close my eyes for a short while. My sleep at night was light, and I couldn't be disturbed by anyone because if I woke up, it would be difficult to fall back asleep. I always felt uncomfortable and weak, which was actually due to poor sleep quality. This made me feel listless, irritable, and lacking the mental and physical energy to work. I was constantly in a state of irritability and unhappiness. My physical examination didn't reveal any severe or specific illness, and I think that was a blessing because if I had a more serious condition, I would probably have been pushed to the hospital. Before finding the teacher, I felt very cold in my body, like an ice cube, so I bought a moxibustion box and used it every day to warm myself up. After moxibustion for about half a year, I happened to come across the teacher's videos and discovered that the teacher had developed a new moxibustion method through personal experimentation. I watched all of the teacher's videos and from my heart, I had a strong belief. There was no reason, just pure intuition, so I started doing moxibustion following the teacher's guidance. During our first video call, a sentence from the teacher gave me full confidence. I can't remember exactly what I said to the teacher, but I didn't mention my bad mood. However, through our conversation, I unintentionally heard the teacher say, "Keep doing moxibustion, and after a year, your mood will improve." This sentence surprised me greatly. It was like the teacher had read my mind. Because of this sentence, it was so easy for me to keep persevering for a year. Just like everyone else, it was difficult for me in the beginning. I couldn't feel any sensations from the moxibustion, and my skin would burn painfully. I also saw other members in the group sharing their experiences of healing and moxibustion sensations, and I was envious and longing for those signs. I compared myself to them, and I kept waiting for those signs to happen to me. However, after more than two years of moxibustion, I realized that everyone is different, and their experiences may not necessarily happen to you, but you will change silently. Change is happening every day, and it silently nurtures you. I give feedback to the teacher every day, sharing my experiences with eating, drinking, bowel movements, and sleep. The teacher noticed my changes and often encouraged and praised me. This became my motivation to keep going and filled me with hope for the future. Combined with the sincere sharing from fellow moxibustion practitioners in the group, it became so easy for me to continue persevering. After more than two years of moxibustion, the most common reaction I experienced was the formation of blisters. They would appear in large numbers, and every time a blister formed, I felt a sense of joy. Other reactions included a runny nose, sneezing, excessive sweating, and occasionally loose stools, among others.The COVID-19 infection was also successfully overcome under the guidance of my teacher. In short, with the use of moxibustion, I feel that life has become easier.

Firstly, as my teacher mentioned, moxibustion has helped me feel more at ease. In the past, I couldn't listen to things I didn't like to hear and couldn't handle other people's anger. Now, I feel like I have the strength to face everything, I have confidence, and I don't feel attacked by others. I feel more able to understand others and my heart feels more spacious, allowing me to let go of many things. Moxibustion reminds me of the treatment I received many years ago for cervical erosion and hemorrhoids, which caused a lot of physical blockages due to the extensive use of cooling and astringent suppositories. In recent years, I've felt difficulty in urinating and having bowel movements. During the process of moxibustion, these symptoms have worsened. Sometimes I don't want to drink water, and sometimes I feel bloated after drinking just a little. My urine is yellow. However, I saw that Teacher Kele went from not being able to urinate to being able to do so freely. I believe I can achieve the same, so everything is slowly getting better and better. However, I don't have the same perseverance and spirit to endure hardships as my teacher. The amount of moxibustion I do daily cannot be compared to my teacher's. So I am aware that I need more time. How can I achieve the same results without putting in the same effort as my teacher? My illness is not sudden; it is the result of years of accumulation. Moxibustion has gradually matched my appetite and digestive capacity. Before, I always felt uncomfortable in my stomach and had bad breath. The recent change is that suddenly, I don't want to eat so much. I feel uncomfortable and bloated when I eat too much, prompting me to eat less. I don't want to eat oily foods; I only want to eat steamed buns, pancakes, and similar foods. Sometimes I eat them with porridge and other times with pickles. In short, by listening to my inner self, I suddenly realized that when the body adjusts to an appropriate state, the powerful appetite naturally decreases. I don't need to exert effort to control myself; it just happens naturally, and my body feels much lighter. During the process of moxibustion, we may encounter a few points that are difficult to overcome. For example, we come with various pains, and there is always an expectation that after a period of moxibustion, the progress should match our imagination. When we experience the pain of healing, we might feel that it is worse than before. At this point, we may want to give up. However, when I see the experiences shared by fellow moxibustion users, I found that not a single one of them has not gone through lows. So trust and courage are important. Of course, fate is even more crucial. I often see many moxibustion users who have had to stop due to family interference or neighbors' disapproval of the smoke from moxibustion. However, I believe that the most important thing is whether our inner self is determined. As long as you are determined to do it, it seems like all obstacles can be overcome.

To my fellow moxibustion users, I only share this much. I wish you all a speedy recovery! Thank you, Teacher Kele. Each of your likes has entered my heart. I am grateful to you for exploring this method and paving this path with your life, which has allowed us to see the light of health in our bodies.