Vaporizing Moxibustion for 10 months, continuously eliminating various illnesses, but fortunately, with the encouragement of the mentor, I didn`t give up and persisted

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Hello Dr. Kele, I have watched your acupuncture case analysis videos attentively. Thank you for sharing such effective treatment methods. I am also a severe insomniac, only able to sleep for two to three hours a day, which is very painful. I also suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension and rheumatic bone disease. I have been taking Chinese medicine for two to three years. Two years ago, I developed tuberculosis and took a large amount of Western medicine, causing severe liver toxicity. It took a year to recover. Currently, my health is poor, and I have difficulty eating and sleeping, which is quite distressing. I have decided to follow your guidance and start self-treatment with moxibustion. I am 57 years old this year and have been feeling uncomfortable since menopause at 48. Medical examinations have revealed hypertension and rheumatoid arthritis.

Good morning to all fellow moxibustion enthusiasts! I have been practicing moxibustion with the guidance of Dr. Kele for 10 months. Throughout this period, I have experienced various reactions during the moxibustion process. I have had two severe colds, coughing up phlegm for over half a year (including white, brown, and yellow phlegm), diarrhea for a month and a half, continuous joint pain and eye swelling. Especially after around five months of moxibustion, my skin turned dark and purple, which looked very unpleasant and frightened me. My family was worried and strongly opposed to my continuation of moxibustion. However, with the encouragement and support from Dr. Kele, I unknowingly persisted for 10 months. Many changes have occurred in my body. My cervical spondylosis has improved, urinary tract infections have reduced significantly, and my skin has returned to normal. The skin on my hands and feet has become whiter and finer than before moxibustion. However, my sleep is still not good, my joints still hurt, and my blood pressure is still high. I believe that continuing moxibustion will eventually lead to improvement. Let's cheer each other on, fellow moxibustion enthusiasts!