913 days, I broke the curse of renal failure and was reborn. Although it was difficult to save myself, how lucky I was compared with waiting to die in the hospital

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913 days, a day worth commemorating. In the morning, I had moxibustion for a while, went out in the afternoon, and arrived home at 4:30. As soon as I entered the door, I urgently needed to urinate, and the urine flow was abundant and smooth. For many years, I couldn't feel the sensation of urinating voluntarily. I was ecstatic and cried with excitement. Eating, drinking, defecating, urinating, and sleeping are all natural standards for humans, but for me, it was so difficult to have these functions. In terms of urination, before the moxibustion treatment, I couldn't urinate at all and was afraid to drink any water even though I was very thirsty. However, the water inside my body couldn't come out, and the pressure was too high. I felt bloated and uncomfortable, had difficulty breathing, and my head was never clear. Initially, when I couldn't urinate, my body would become swollen. Later, after taking too much Chinese medicine to promote urination, my body became severely deficient in Yin and blood, and eventually, the medication to promote urination became ineffective. I couldn't urinate anymore and started urinating blood. I became weaker and weaker. Even without urination, I no longer experienced swelling. Instead, I became thinner, with dark eye sockets, sunken eye sockets, slender limbs, and shrunken fingers. The skin on my buttocks would hurt even sitting on a chair.

Before the year 2016, after taking Fuzi soup, my heart failure occurred. Although I was revived, I was left disabled. I didn't even have the strength to walk from the room to the kitchen. I needed someone to take care of me. After resting for half a year, I was able to go downstairs, bask in the sun, and take a walk by myself. But even a simple conversation with others made me extremely weak, with a numb body, difficulty breathing, and no strength at all. My whole body would ache. I would have insomnia throughout the night, with severe head shaking and dizziness. I could only half-lean against something and couldn't lie flat or turn my head.

Later, my mother came from our hometown to take care of me. I kept persuading my mother, telling her that I couldn't hold on anymore and that I had to leave first. There are still my older sister and younger sister at home, and they will take care of our parents when they grow old. My mother said, "No, that won't happen. I have always had poor health since I was young, even the King of Hell despises me and doesn't want me."

In 2018, dragging my weak body, I went back to my hometown to see my father. When I left, I hugged my father and mother tightly, bidding farewell to them.

Before the Chinese New Year in 2019, I packed my clothes and told my friend Niu, "I'm leaving. Burn all of these and find a healthy woman to accompany you in the future."

Niu has always avoided believing that I would leave him at such a young age. He always said, "We'll find a solution, as long as we have a breath, we shouldn't give up." (During those years, Niu's hair turned completely white, and he aged a lot.)

When I was in extreme discomfort, I said, "Why not use moxibustion again?" Unexpectedly, on February 1, 2019, once I picked up the moxa stick, I never put it down again.

In my self-rescue journey of more than 900 days, I experienced symptoms such as bloody stools, vomiting blood, vomiting, repeated chills, bone pain to the point of breathlessness, and significant hair loss as a result of detoxification. Especially during relapses and episodes of dizziness, I almost couldn't go on, and I pleaded with the heavens to let me die painlessly and not torture me like this.

After overcoming hardships, I was reborn. Although this process was difficult, compared to waiting for death in the hospital, I don't know how much more fortunate I am.