Immediately vaporization moxibustion 100 days, four years of pain is unbearable

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I had high blood pressure during both pregnancies. During the first pregnancy, my blood pressure was exceptionally high but I didn't feel any symptoms and I didn't pay much attention to it. It was like people say, it was just pregnancy-induced hypertension. After giving birth, my blood pressure gradually decreased and I was fine. However, when I was pregnant with my second child, my blood pressure was high again and the symptoms were severe. I felt dizzy all the time, as if my whole body was constantly spinning when lying in bed. I felt dizzy every day. I thought my blood pressure would go back to normal after giving birth, but in November 2016, after giving birth to my second child, my blood pressure instantly dropped. I didn't feel dizzy anymore, but I felt extremely weak. Maybe it was because I had just given birth and my body was adjusting, so I thought everything was normal. However, when my second child was one month old, the dizziness came back. I felt dizzy when walking and even when sleeping. My blood pressure was high again, accompanied by insomnia. There were days when I didn't sleep for an hour. When lying in bed, it felt like the whole bed was moving. I was scared, really scared. I felt very depressed and like I was going crazy. I was so scared because other women's blood pressure went back to normal after giving birth, but mine didn't. My mood was always bad because I was breastfeeding and didn't dare to take Western medicine due to the potential side effects. I thought traditional Chinese medicine could regulate my blood pressure and the dizziness would naturally go away, but even after taking many prescriptions, it didn't improve. I can't even describe the despair I felt at that time. I decided to try Western medicine, but it didn't work either. I tried different types of antihypertensive drugs, but none of them lowered my blood pressure. I knew the names of most of the antihypertensive drugs I tried. All the medications were prescribed by doctors. Later, I went to a hospital and the doctor said I might have postpartum depression. I was speechless and kept crying. The doctor prescribed imported antihypertensive drugs, but even after taking them for a while, my condition didn't improve. So I decided to try intravenous infusion. The blood pressure did decrease after the infusion, but the dizziness and head pressure didn't improve at all. It felt like there was so much pressure and I felt like my head was going to explode. I didn't want to take any medicine anymore, so I just accepted my condition. For four years, I felt dizzy every day and my head felt heavy. I often felt palpitations, weak legs, and many other symptoms. It was really uncomfortable. I didn't have the mood to take care of my child and I often got angry at home. Every morning, I woke up feeling like the day was extremely dark and I couldn't see the sunlight. In 2020, during the hottest period of summer, I tried acupoint moxibustion. At first, it felt warm and good, but after trying it for a while without any effect, I stopped. Later, I came across videos of Teacher Kele and Meixi Mama on the internet. Their symptoms were even more severe than mine, but they were able to improve through moxibustion. I thought I could do it too. So I started moxibustion following their methods. In the first month, I felt great, just like the honeymoon period Teacher Kele mentioned. I felt normal, without dizziness or any other issues. In the second month, I couldn't insert the moxa stick anymore because I had severe internal heat and my tongue turned red. Teacher Kele told me to stop moxibustion. It was tough for the two months when I couldn't moxibust. All the symptoms came back. Fortunately, with Teacher Kele's guidance, I was able to resume moxibustion in the third month. I experienced many healing reactions during that time, including fever, phlegm discharge, acid reflux, and excessive flatulence. But now, I feel much better. I can work normally, my head feels comfortable again, and I have the motivation and energy to go to work. I'm really grateful to Teacher Kele. Everyone must persevere with moxibustion. Only by persisting can you see results. I really trust Teacher Kele now. She's my idol.I will definitely persist in moxibustion. I know that there is still a lot of congestion in myself, and I will strive to clear it in two years. After two years, I will see a brand new me - confident, cheerful, healthy, and beautiful. Without a teacher, I dare not even think or hope for anything... Sincerely grateful.